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Table of Contents

sact(1) - print current SCCS file editing activity
samlog_viewer(1) - a tool for viewing and saving the SAM logfile
sccs(1) - front-end utility program for SCCS commands
sccsdiff(1) - compare two versions of an SCCS file
sccshelp(1) - ask for help on SCCS commands
script(1) - make typescript of terminal session
sdiff(1) - side-by-side difference program
sed(1) - stream text editor
send_sound(1) - play an audio file
serialize(1) - force target process to run serially with other processes
setacl(1) - modify access control lists (ACLs) for files (JFS File Systems only)
sffinger(1) - utility programs for TCP Wrappers — see tryfrom(1)
sh(1) - overview of various system shells
sh-posix(1) - standard and restricted POSIX.2-conformant command shells
shar(1) - make a shell archive package
shl(1) - shell layer manager
show_patches(1) - HP-UX patch display utility
size(1) - print section sizes of object files
sleep(1) - suspend execution for an interval
slip(1) - PPP point to point protocal daemon — see pppd(1)
slp(1) - set printing options for a non-serial printer
soelim(1) - eliminate .so's from nroff input
sort(1) - sort or merge files
spell(1) - find spelling errors
spellin(1) - find spelling errors — see spell(1)
split(1) - split a file into pieces
ssp(1) - remove multiple line-feeds from output
strings(1) - find the printable strings in an object or other binary file
strip(1) - strip symbol and line number information from an object file
stty(1) - set the options for a terminal port
su(1) - switch user
sum(1) - print checksum and block or byte count of file(s)
sysdiff(1) - HP-UX installed software comparator
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