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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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show_patches — HP-UX patch display utility


show_patches [-a] [-s] [-i] [-o] [-t] [-d target] [-l {product|fileset}]


The show_patches utility displays active and superseded patches in a formatted output, which may be easier to interpret than the output of the swlist command (see swlist(1M)). When listing the patches installed on a system, show_patches uses the SD patch attributes patch_state and superseded_by to determine which patches are active and which are superseded.

Patches may require manual operations prior to or after installation. The show_patches utility may be directed at the source depot to list "Special Installation Instructions" and "Other Dependencies" documented within the contained patches.


If no options are specified, show_patches displays at the sd(4) product level the active patches on the local system.

The show_patches utility recognizes the following options:


Display the active patches on the system. Active patches are those which have been installed but not superseded by newer patches on the target.


Display the superseded patches on the system. Superseded patches are those that have been superseded by newer patches installed on the target.

-d target

Specify a target system or depot to analyze. Defaults to local system.


Display any "Special Installation Instructions" associated with any listed patch. The "Special Installation Instructions" document manual operations that may be required for successful installation.


Display any "Other Dependencies" associated with any listed patch. These are optional or complex dependencies that may require manual processing.


Do not list a patch unless it is displaying "Special Installation Instructions" or "Other Dependencies."

-l level

Display the patch information at the SD product or fileset level.

Note: This option is ignored if the -i or -o options are selected.


When the target is a depot, the patch_state and superseded_by attributes are not defined and all relationships are determined by the value of the supersedes attribute.


show_patches was developed by HP.

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