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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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sysdiff — HP-UX installed software comparator


sysdiff [-v] system1 system2


The sysdiff utility compares the SD-UX packaged software and active patches currently installed on two systems. Products are presented in lexicographical order using the format:

Product system1 system2 description ------------- ------------- ----------------------------------- Version1 Version2 Product Description ------------- ------------- ----------------------------------- *PHCO_10000 PHCO_10100 Patch Description PHCO_10100 PHKL_11000 *PHKL_10111 Patch Description PHKL_11000 *PHKL_10222 PHKL_20000 Patch Description PHKL_20000

When different active patches within a single patch supersession chain are found on the two systems, all older patches are marked with an asterisk (*). The newest patch supplies the patch description for that chain (in this example: PHCO_10100 and PHKL_11000).


If no options are specified, sysdiff displays only those products with different revisions or installed patches, and only those patches not found on both targets. The sysdiff utility recognizes the following options:


Display all installed software and active patches.


Depots are not currently supported as targets for this command.


sysdiff was developed by HP.

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