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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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soelim — eliminate .so's from nroff input


soelim [file ...]


soelim reads the specified files or the standard input and performs the textual inclusion implied by nroff directives of the form

.so some_file

when they appear at the beginning of input lines. This is useful when using programs such as tbl(1) that do not normally do this, allowing placement of individual tables or other text objects in separate files to be run as a part of a large document.

An argument consisting of a single minus (-) is taken to be a file name corresponding to the standard input.

Note that inclusion can be suppressed by using ' instead of . at the start of the line as in:

'so /usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.s


soelim is often used in a context similar to the following:

soelim exum?.n | tbl | nroff -mm | col | lp


The format of the source commands must involve no strangeness — exactly one blank must precede and no blanks follow the file name.

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