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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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slp — set printing options for a non-serial printer


slp [-a] [-b] [-c cols] [-d] [-i indent] [-k] [-l lines] [-n] [-o] [-r] [-C pages] [-O pages]


slp sets printer formatting options such as the number of lines per page, number of characters per line, and indentation. These characteristics are controlled by the printer driver as described in lp(7). slp acts on the current standard output.


slp recognizes the following options and arguments:


Report all option settings.


Specify a character printer where backspace characters pass through the driver unchanged. The absence of this option indicates a line printer. The driver takes the necessary action to accommodate backspace characters.


Resets the printer back to line-printer mode.


Limit the number of columns to be printed to cols. Characters beyond the specified limit are truncated.


Reset options to default for the device. This action is not taken until the next open occurs on the device.


Indent indent columns before printing the first column.


Select cooked mode. Cooked mode must be used with a cooked device special file which is identified by an lp mnemonic that is not preceded by the character r.


Specify the number of lines per page. The last new-line character of each page is changed to a form-feed.


Set the page size to infinity. Since the last new-line of the page is never encountered, no new-line characters are changed to form-feeds.


Select a raw mode for graphics dumps. All other options are ignored except -a. If the -r option is not given, -k is assumed.


Eject zero or more pages after the final close of the device.


Eject zero or more pages when the device is opened.


In a typical case, the printer is set to 80 columns, no indentation, with no form-feeds between pages:

slp -c80 -i0 -n >/dev/lp


Use of the slp command in conjunction with the lp spooler (see lp(1)) might cause undesirable side effects. The spooler model files make assumptions regarding the configuration and can get confused when the default values are altered. Although most options can be altered without difficulty, special problems sometimes result from adjusting the number of lines and the number of columns per page.


slp was developed by HP.


lp(1), ioctl(2), lp(7).

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