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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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sccshelp — ask for help on SCCS commands


sccshelp [arg]...


The sccshelp command finds information to explain a message from an SCCS command or to explain the use of a SCCS command. Zero or more arguments can be supplied. If no arguments are given, sccshelp prompts for one:

What is the message number or SCCS command name?

The arguments can be either message numbers (which normally appear in parentheses following messages) or command names, of one of the following types:

Type 1

Begins with nonnumerics, ends in numerics. The nonnumeric prefix is usually an abbreviation for the program or set of routines which produced the message (e.g., ge6, for message 6 from the get command).

Type 2

Does not contain numerics (as a command, such as get).

Type 3

Is all numeric (e.g., 212).

The response of the program is the explanatory information related to the argument, if there is any.

You can use sccshelp to support other commands by means of the helploc file. To do this, create help files in the appropriate format and add the location of the helpfiles to /usr/share/lib/sccshelp/helploc.


Environment Variables

LC_CTYPE determines the interpretation of text as single- and/or multibyte characters.

LANG determines the language in which messages are displayed.

If LC_CTYPE is not specified or is null, it defaults to the value of LANG. If LANG is not specified or is null, it defaults to "C" (see lang(5)). If any internationalization variable contains an invalid setting, all internationalization variables default to "C". See environ(5).

International Code Set Support

Single- and multibyte character code sets are supported.


There is not a place to look for help on the subject of arg

There is not any help available on the subject of arg

When all else fails, try sscshelp stuck.


If you enter the SCCS get command without parameters, you would get the message:

ERROR: missing file arg (cm3)

If you request help for the command:

sccshelp get

it displays:

get: get [-r<SID>] [-c<cutoff>] [-i<list>] [-x<list>] [-a<seq no.>] [-k] [-e] [-l<p>] [-p] [-m] [-n] [-s] [-b] [-g] [-t] [-w<string>] file ...

If you request help for the error number:

sccshelp cm3

it displays:

cm3: "missing file arg" You left off the name of the file to be processed.


Only SCCS commands currently use sccshelp.



Directory containing files of message text


List of commands supported by sccshelp


File containing the locations of help files that are not in the /usr/share/lib/sccshelp directory

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