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HP System Management Homepage: Installation Guide
HP-UX, Linux, and Windows Systems


Technical documentation

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HP Part Number: 438862-401

Edition: 17

Published: September 2008

Table of Contents

About this document
Intended audience
New and changed information in this edition
Typographic conventions
Document organization
Related information
HP SMH documentation
Related documentation
Publishing history
HP encourages your comments
1 Product overview
Product features
2 Installation requirements
Supported operating systems
Supported browsers
RPMs supported on the x86 platform
RPMs supported on the AMD64 and EM64T platform
RPMs supported on the Itanium platform
Verifying system requirements
Obtaining the HP SMH software
HP media
HP web sites
3 Initial setup
Installation information
4 Installing on HP-UX
System Administration Management Tool changes: SAM and HP SMH
Installing on HP-UX
Installation requirements
Installing HP SMH and dependent applications
Using the Applications media
Using Software Depot
Configuring HP SMH
Configuring the startup mode
Patching or updating the software
5 Installing on Windows
Installing HP SMH in-place on Windows
Installing HP SMH for Windows silently
Generating a setup.iss file
Installing silently using the CLI
Reinstalling silently using the CLI
Configuring HP SMH
6 Installing HP SMH using the ProLiant Remote Deployment Utility
Installing remotely on Windows using ProLiant Remote Deployment Utility
7 Installing HP SMH using the HP Smart-Update Manager (HPSUM)
Installing HP SMH remotely on Windows using HP Smart-Update Manager (HPSUM)
To preconfigure the HP SMH component:
8 Installing in-place on Linux
Installation for Linux on x86 and x86_64
Installing HP SMH on Linux x86 systems
Installing HP SMH on x86_64
Configuring HP SMH
9 Installing directly on Linux
Installing in-place on Linux Itanium
Installation for Linux Itanium
Installing HP SMH on Linux Itanium systems
Configuring HP SMH
10 Installing in-place on Linux using Linux Deployment Utility
Installing HP SMH with preconfiguration
Preconfiguring the HP SMH component
Installing HP SMH as a single component
Installing HP SMH without preconfiguration
11 Initializing the software for the first time
Key and certificate information
12 Logging in and logging out of HP SMH
Logging in with Windows XP
Logging in with Internet Explorer
Logging in with Mozilla and Firefox
Logging in from the HP-UX command line
Logging out
13 Uninstalling HP SMH
Uninstalling from an HP-UX system
Uninstalling from a Linux Itanium, x86 or x86_64 system
Uninstalling from a Windows system
Uninstalling from multiple Windows systems silently
Uninstalling manually for Windows and Linux systems
Uninstalling manually for HP-UX systems
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