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Uninstalling manually for HP-UX systems


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This section describes how to manually uninstall HP SMH on an HP-UX system.

CAUTION: Manually uninstalling HP-UX SMH is not recommended.

When it is necessary to uninstall HP-UX SMH, HP recommends using the swremove command, as described in “Uninstalling from an HP-UX system”.

The following procedure manually uninstalls HP SMH on an HP-UX system.

  1. Stop the HP SMH service.

  2. Remove (using rm -rf) the following directories:

    • /var/opt/hpsmh

    • /opt/hpsmh/session

    • /opt/hpsmh/certs

    • /opt/hpsmh/cookies

    • /opt/hpsmh/sslshare

    • /opt/hpsmh/tmp

    CAUTION: On HP-UX systems, do not remove all files under the /opt/hpsmh directory because files for SMH HP-UX web applications also are stored there. Only remove the directories listed above.

    Also on HP-UX systems, the /etc/opt/hp/sslshare directory is used by HP SIM and should not be removed.

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