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HP System Management Homepage: Installation Guide > Chapter 12 Logging in and logging out of HP SMH

Logging in from the HP-UX command line


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You can verify whether the autostart daemon is running with the following command:

$ ps -ef | grep smh root 1789 1 0 Mar 31 ? 0:00 /opt/hpsmh/lbin/smhstartd

If the daemon is not running, you can start it from the HP-UX command line using /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh autostart, then use a web browser to navigate to http://hostname:2301.

You can also use the samweb command to automatically start the default browser in the main HP SMH page.

After the daemon is running and the HP-UX Apache-based Web Server is started with autostart, you can log in to HP SMH with either http://hostname:2301 or https://hostname:2381.

NOTE: If the autostart daemon is not configured (see the smhstartconfig -a off -b on), use the command /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh start instead to start the HP-UX Apache-based Web Server on ports 2301 (http) and 2381 (https).
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