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Installing HP SMH for Windows silently


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The HP SMH installation for Windows enables you to silently install HP SMH. After the installation is complete, you can configure HP SMH settings.

NOTE: Do not copy or import certificates when using the setup.exe /r option.

Generating a setup.iss file

To generate your own setup.iss, run the following command:

  1. setup.exe /r

  2. The HP SMH Installation interface appears and records your selections.

  3. The setup.iss file is placed into the Windows directory. You can move this file to the location of your choice.

Installing silently using the CLI

To install silently using the CLI, use the following command:

setup.exe /s /f1<full_path_to_setup.iss_file>

For example, you might enter setup.exe /s /f1c:\mydirectory\setup.iss.

Note: There are no spaces between f1 and the path.

Reinstalling silently using the CLI

To reinstall silently using the CLI:

setup.exe /s /reinst /f1<full_path_to_setup.iss_file>

Note: The /s /reinst command reinstalls the same version of HP SMH. The /s /preserve command preserves the existing smhpd.xml settings.

If you are performing an initial installation of HP SMH 2.x, the /preserve command preserves the pre-2.x settings if present in the compaq\wbem directory.

If an HP SMH 2.x installation is already present, you must enter setup.exe /s /reinst /preserve /f1<full_path_to_setup.iss>. If you do not include /preserve, the setup.iss is applied.

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