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HP System Management Homepage: Installation Guide

Chapter 7 Installing HP SMH using the HP Smart-Update Manager (HPSUM)


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This chapter provides steps to install HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) on the Windows operating system using the HP Smart-Update Manager (HPSUM).

The previous chapter provides steps to install HP SMH using the ProLiant Remote Deployment Utility.

The HP Smart-Update Manager utility enables you to deploy PSP software and firmware components from a single, easy-to-use interface. Using a graphical interface, the utility enables you to deploy and maintain ProLiant Support Packs and Smart Components on a local server or one or more remote servers accessible over a network connection. This utility enables legacy support of existing software and firmware components while simplifying the overall deployment process. The utility also provides installation logic and version control that automatically check for dependencies, installing only the correct updates for optimal configuration.

ProLiant Support Pack contains numerous files. All files must be present in the same directory as the HPSUM.EXE program for the PSP to be properly installed. HP SMH can be installed as a part of the complete ProLiant Support Pack, or you can install the HP SMH component individually. The HP SMH component also provides support for pre-configuration, which allows the configurations of the component to be configured and saved as part of the component itself before installing on target machines. This feature facilitates the installation of the pre-configured component without any user intervention, and the installed component has the configurations, which are saved during pre-configuration.

NOTE: Installation of a pre-configured component overwrites the configuration settings of an existing HP SMH installation. If you want to retain existing settings, do not pre-configure the component.
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