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System Administration Management Tool changes: SAM and HP SMH


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The HP-UX System Administration Manager (SAM) is deprecated in HP-UX 11i v3. HP SMH is the system administration tool for managing HP-UX 11i. HP SMH provides web-based systems management functionality, at-a-glance monitoring of system component health and consolidated log viewing. HP SMH also provides a Terminal User Interface (TUI). SAM continues to provide access to TUI (Terminal User Interface) and X-based interfaces. More details on HP SMH are available in the Simplifying single-system management on HP-UX 11i – HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH) white paper located at http://www.docs.hp.com/en/5991-7499/SMH_whitepaper_11iv3.pdf.

Some of the key changes are described below:

  • The SAM Functional Area Launcher (FAL) is replaced by the HP SMH web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • The enhanced TUI offers improved look and feel, online viewing of manpages, command previews, and other improvements.

  • For HP-UX 11i v3 (B.11.31) only, a new command, smh(1m) is introduced (/usr/sbin/smh). This is an enhanced version of the sam(1m) command (/usr/sbin/sam).

  • The sam command in /usr/sbin/sam is deprecated. Any invocation of /usr/sbin/sam will display the deprecation message and launch /usr/sbin/smh automatically.

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