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Index: P

p command, fdisk: 3.1.3. Creating Linux Partitions
packages, installing with RPM: 7.3.1. Using RPM
packages, Perl: 13.4.2. More Features
packets: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
packing files (see archiving files compression)
paging (memory): 1.4.3. Kernel
PAM (Pluggable Authentication Methods): 5.7.3. PAM and Other Authentication Methods
panel (GNOME): The panel
panic messages (kernel): 5.2.1. Using a Boot Floppy
PAP (Password Authentication Protocol): PAP and CHAP
parallel computing: 1.5.10. Other Applications
parallel port support, enabling: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
parameters, lilo.config file: The /etc/lilo.conf file
compressed, accessing: 6.1.1. Filesystem Types
creating Linux partitions: 2.2.1. Installation Overview
3.1.3. Creating Linux Partitions
detecting, troubleshooting: Problems recognizing hard drive or controller
naming: 3.1.2. Drives and Partitions Under Linux
overview: 2.2.2. Repartitioning Concepts
2.2.2. Repartitioning Concepts
requirements: 2.2.3. Linux Partition Requirements
2.2.3. Linux Partition Requirements
resizing: 2.2.4. Repartitioning Your Drives
swap partitions: 6.2. Managing Swap Space
Windows compatibility: 12.2. Sharing Partitions
Windows partitions (shares)
mounting: 12.2. Sharing Partitions
pas16= boot option: 3.1.1. Booting Linux
Pascal language: 13.6. Other Languages
passwd file: 5.7.1. The passwd File
Password Authentication Protocol (PAP): PAP and CHAP
password field (group accounts): 5.7.4. The Group File
password field (passwd file): 5.7.1. The passwd File
creating user accounts: 3.2.1. Creating a User Account
setting: 4.2. Setting a Password
shadow: 5.7.2. Shadow Passwords
Windows shares: 12.2.1. Mounting Windows Shares
pasting text: Cutting and pasting selections
11.6.2. Emacs and Other Editors
patch-level version numbers: 1.4.1. A Note on Linux Version Numbers
patch program: Applying patches
14.2.8. Patching Files
patches: 7.4.1. Obtaining Kernel Sources
applying: Applying patches
patches, kernel: 7.4.1. Obtaining Kernel Sources
path, include: 13.1.7. More Fun with Libraries
rules for (make): 13.2.4. Suffix Rules and Pattern Rules
search and replace (Emacs): 9.2.5. Searching and Replacing
search and replace (vi): 9.1.10. Global Searching and Replacing
PC cards. (see PCMCIA)
p2c translator: 13.6. Other Languages
PCI bus
devices, support, enabling: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
kernel boot message: 5.3.1. Kernel Boot Messages
PCMCIA, support for: 1.5.8. Laptop Support
PDL (page description language): 8.4.3. Choosing Printer Software
performance: 0.1. Why People Like Linux
AlphaLinux installation: B.4.2. Performance and Library Tuning
Java programs: 13.5.1. The Promise of Java, or Why You Might Want to Use Java
printer optimization: 8.4.13. Printer Optimization
permissions: 4.13.1. What Permissions Mean
owners and groups: 4.13.2. Owners and Groups
changing: 4.14. Changing the Owner, Group,and Permissions
print services: File, directory, and utility privileges
troubleshooting: 8.4.14. Printer System Troubleshooting
system administration and: 5.1. Maintaining the System
system shutdown setting: 3.2.4. Shutting Down the System
phony targets: 13.2.1. What make Does
pipes: 4.9. Saving Your Output
pl variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
platform independence: 13.5.1. The Promise of Java, or Why You Might Want to Use Java
Plex86: 1.5.9. Interfacing with Windows and MS-DOS
plex86 project (Windows emulation software): 12.3. Running MS-DOS and Windows Applications on Linux
Pluggable Authentication Methods (PAM): 5.7.3. PAM and Other Authentication Methods
pointing devices and Alpha systems: B.1.6. Mice and Serial Ports
port address: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
port numbers, httpd: httpd.conf
portability: 1.4.2. A Bag of Features
PostScript: 8.4.3. Choosing Printer Software
KGhostview and: 11.3.3. KGhostview: Displaying PostScript
nenscript filter: 8.4.8. The nenscript Filter
POVRAY program: 9.4.3. POVRAY
PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol): 15.1. Networking with TCP/IP
15.1.2. Hardware Requirements
configuring DNS: Configuring DNS
modems and: 15.2. Dial-up PPP
over ISDN: 15.3. PPP over ISDN
configuring ISDN hardware: 15.3.1. Configuring Your ISDN Hardware
synchronous PPP: 15.3.2. Setting Up Synchronous PPP
troubleshooting: 15.3.3. And If It Does Not Work?
troubleshooting configuration: Troubleshooting PPP configuration
pppd daemon: Requirements
launching: Starting up pppd
prefix keys, rebinding: 9.2.8. Tailoring Emacs
prerequisites: 13.2. Makefiles
previewing LaTeX documents: Formatting and printing
print command (gdb): 14.1.1. Tracing a Program
14.1.4. Changing and Examining Data
print filters: 8.4.7. Print Filters
print preview: 1.5.2. Text Processing and Word Processing
print spool: 9.6. Printing
print utilities: 8.4.4. Checking Print Utilities
printcap file: 8.4. Managing Print Services
8.4.5. Setting Up the Printcap File
9.6. Printing
troubleshooting printing: 8.4.14. Printer System Troubleshooting
PRINTER environment variable: 9.6. Printing
printer ports: 8.4. Managing Print Services
documentation, obtaining: 8.4.2. Gathering Resources
sharing: 1.5.7. Networking
[printers] section (smb.conf file): Configuring Samba
printing: 9.6. Printing
BSD elements: 8.4.10. BSD Print System Elements: Files, Directories, and Utilities
CUPS: 8.4.15. CUPS
doublesided: 8.4.4. Checking Print Utilities
enscript utility: 9.6.2. nenscript and enscript
fax devices: 8.4.4. Checking Print Utilities
filters, magic: 8.4.9. Magic Filters: APSfilter and Alternatives
Ghostscript configuration: 8.4.6. Configuring Ghostscript
hardware: 8.4.1. Checking Printer Hardware
from KGhostview: 11.3.3. KGhostview: Displaying PostScript
LaTeX: Formatting and printing
lpc utility, implementing: 8.4.12. Controlling Printer Services with lpc
lpd daemon, implementing: 8.4.11. Exercising the Printer Daemon
managing: 8.4. Managing Print Services
nenscript filter: 8.4.8. The nenscript Filter
page length, specifying: The rest of the printcap variables
page width, specifying: The rest of the printcap variables
principles of operation: 9.6.1. How the Printing System Processes a Queued File
printer names: Printer names
remotely: The rest of the printcap variables
software for: 8.4.3. Choosing Printer Software
system maintenance: 8.4.13. Printer Optimization
troubleshooting system: 8.4.14. Printer System Troubleshooting
printing services (Windows): Adding users
proc directory: 4.16. Important Directories
proc filesystem: 5.6. The /proc Filesystem
processes: 4.18. Processes
processor-instruction level debugging: Instruction-level debugging
building kernel and: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
kernel boot messages: 5.3.1. Kernel Boot Messages
multiprocessor support: 1.4.2. A Bag of Features
SMP, nosmp boot option: 3.1.1. Booting Linux
proc/filesystems file: 6.1.1. Filesystem Types
within Emacs: 9.2.7. Running Commands and Programming within Emacs
suitability of Linux: 1.3. Who's Using Linux?
programming languages: 1.5.4. Programming Languages and Utilities
Ada: 13.6. Other Languages
C, C++: 13.1. Programming with gcc
13.1.8. Using C++
FORTRAN: 13.6. Other Languages
Java: 13. Programming Languages
AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit): 13.5.3. A Working Example of Java
obtaining for Linux (JDK): 13.5.2. Getting Java for Linux
LISP: 13.6. Other Languages
Pascal: 13.6. Other Languages
Python: 13.6. Other Languages
Scheme: 13.6. Other Languages
Tcl: 14.2.5. Interface Building Tools
Tk: 14.2.5. Interface Building Tools
web resources: A.3.3. Programming Languages and Tools
project trees, CVS: 14.2.7. Revision Control Tools — CVS
prompt: 4.1. Logging In
root account: 5.1. Maintaining the System
protected-mode processors (Intel), compatibility: 1.4.3. Kernel
protocols, dial-up connection support: 1.5.7. Networking
ps command: 4.18. Processes
lpd process, killing: 8.4.11. Exercising the Printer Daemon
pseudo-devices: 6.3. Device Files
ptype command (gdb): 14.1.4. Changing and Examining Data
published Linux resources: 1.8.2. Books and Other Published Works
pw variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
pwd command: 4.4.1. Directories
px variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
py variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
Python language: 13.6. Other Languages

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