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Index: F

fax devices, support: 8.4.4. Checking Print Utilities
FBDev server: 10.2. Hardware Requirements
f2c translator: 13.6. Other Languages
LILO, removing: Removing LILO
Linux partitions, creating: 3.1.3. Creating Linux Partitions
options: 3.1.3. Creating Linux Partitions
fdisk utility: 2.2.4. Repartitioning Your Drives
features, overview: 1.4.2. A Bag of Features
1.4.2. A Bag of Features
fetchmail package: 16.2.2. Getting the Mail to Your Computer with Fetchmail
ff variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
-fg option (xterm): 11.1.1. xinit
file manager, Nautilus (GNOME): Nautilus: your desktop and file manager Nautilus: your desktop and file manager
file sharing
with Windows computers: 12.2.1. Mounting Windows Shares
Windows translation utilities: 12.2.3. File Translation Utilities
filename expansion: 4.8. Filename Expansion
archiving, utilities for: 7.1. Archive and Compression Utilities
backing up: 8.1. Making Backups
commands: 4.4.2. Listing Files
compressing, utilities for: 7.1. Archive and Compression Utilities
corrupted, accessing: 8.6.2. Accessing Damaged Files
deleting,avoiding unintended deletions: 5.1. Maintaining the System
Emacs, saving: 9.2.2. Simple Editing Commands
inittab: 5.3.2. init, inittab, and rc Files
kernel boot messages: 5.3.1. Kernel Boot Messages
lilo.config: The /etc/lilo.conf file
locking (lpc): 8.4.12. Controlling Printer Services with lpc
meminfo: 5.6. The /proc Filesystem
preventing: 4.9. Saving Your Output
recovering: 8.1. Making Backups
passwd: 5.7.1. The passwd File
5.7.1. The passwd File
permissions, printing: File, directory, and utility privileges
proc/filesystems: 6.1.1. Filesystem Types
rc: 5.3.3. rc Files
restoring from backup: 8.6.3. Restoring Files from Backup
revision control
RCS: 14. Tools for Programmers
RCS utility: 14.2.6. Revision Control Tools — RCS
saving within vi: 9.1.6. Saving Files and Quitting vi
sharing: 1.5.7. Networking
startup files: 4.15. Startup Files
viewing: 4.4.3. Viewing Files, More or Less
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard: 3. Installation and Initial Configuration
automounting: 6.1.3. Automounting Devices
boot options: 3.1.1. Booting Linux
booting and: 5.2.1. Using a Boot Floppy
checking and repairing: 6.1.5. Checking and Repairing Filesystems
creating: 3.1.5. Creating the Filesystems
6.1.4. Creating Filesystems
installing Linux: 2.2.1. Installation Overview
etc/fstab file, editing: 3.2.3. Editing /etc/fstab
live: 3.1.6. Installing the Software
management: 6.1. Managing Filesystems
mounting: 6.1.2. Mounting Filesystems
MS-DOS: 6.1.1. Filesystem Types
multiple reasons for: 2.2.3. Linux Partition Requirements
partitioning drives and: 2.2.3. Linux Partition Requirements
platform compatibility: 6.1.1. Filesystem Types
proc: 5.6. The /proc Filesystem
repairing: 8.6.1. Repairing Filesystems
support: 1.4.2. A Bag of Features
building kernel and: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
types: 6.1.1. Filesystem Types
filesystems (journalling): 6.1.1. Filesystem Types
print: 8.4.7. Print Filters
magic: 8.4.9. Magic Filters: APSfilter and Alternatives
nenscript: 8.4.8. The nenscript Filter
filters, printing: The rest of the printcap variables
9.6.1. How the Printing System Processes a Queued File
find command: 8.1.2. Incremental Backups
finish command (gdb): 14.1.1. Tracing a Program
firmware on Alpha systems: B.2.2.3. Features and limitations of ARC Firmware
floppy disks
backups: Backing up to floppy
filesystems, creating on: 6.1.4. Creating Filesystems
support, enabling: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
floppy=thinkpad boot option: 3.1.1. Booting Linux
FM synthesis (audio): 9.5.1. A Whirlwind Tour of Digital Audio
FMU (flash-RAM management utility): B.2.2.1. Firmware options
-fn option (xterm): 11.1.1. xinit
fo variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
font resource: 11.6.1. The X Resource Database
foreground color (Emacs): 11.6.2. Emacs and Other Editors
foreground resource: 11.6.1. The X Resource Database
format, printcap file: Printcap file format rules
LaTeX: Formatting and printing
man pages: Formatting and installing the manual page
tape drives: Backing up to tape
Texinfo: Formatting Texinfo
formatting languages, text processing: 1.5.2. Text Processing and Word Processing
FORTRAN language: 13.6. Other Languages
Forward button (Konqueror): 16.1.1. Using Konqueror and Other Web Browsers
fpic switch (gcc): Creating shared libraries
framebuffer device: 10.2. Hardware Requirements
frames (Emacs): 11.6.2. Emacs and Other Editors
free command: 5.6. The /proc Filesystem
swap space: 6.2. Managing Swap Space
Free Software Foundation: 1.2. A Brief History of Linux
Free Software projects (web sites): A.3.2. Open Source Projects
fsck program
filesystem maintenance: 6.1.5. Checking and Repairing Filesystems
superblock copies and: 8.6.1. Repairing Filesystems
fstab file, configuring NFS: 15.5.1. Configuring NFS
ftape driver: 7.5. Loadable Device Drivers
ftformat utility: Backing up to tape
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
AlphaLinux reference sites: B.1.3.3. AlphaLinux FTP sites
obtaining Linux: 2.1.2. Getting Linux from the Internet
software sites: A.2. FTP Sites
via World Wide Web: 16.1. The World Wide Web
XFree86 via: 10.3. Installing XFree86
FTP sites, Linux information resources: A.2. FTP Sites
functions, tar command: 7.1.2. Using tar
Fundamental mode (Emacs): 9.2.1. Firing It Up
fvwm2: 1.5.5. The X Window System
window manager: 11.1.1. xinit

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