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Index: N

n command, fdisk: 3.1.3. Creating Linux Partitions
3.1.3. Creating Linux Partitions
name resolver: /etc/resolv.conf
name servers: Your network configuration
named daemon: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts Your network configuration The networking rc files
printer: Printer names
serial devices: Serial device names
naming conventions
devices: 3.1.2. Drives and Partitions Under Linux
Nautilus (GNOME desktop and file manager): Nautilus: your desktop and file manager
Emacs: 9.2.2. Simple Editing Commands
within vi: 9.1.2. Inserting Text and Moving Around
9.1.5. Moving Commands
nenscript utility: 8.4.8. The nenscript Filter
NET-4: 15.1. Networking with TCP/IP
NET-4 configuration files: 15.1.3. Configuring TCP/IP with Ethernet
netmask option (ifconfig command): The networking rc files
Netscape Communicator: B.4.4. Graphical Browser Considerations
netstat command: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
testing TCP/IP configuration: Trying out your network
network address: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
daemons: 4.17. Programs That Serve You
device support: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
enabling support and building kernel: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
installing Linux on Alpha systems: B.2.2. Installation Choices
rc files: The networking rc files
suitability of Linux: 1.3. Who's Using Linux?
support for: 1.4.2. A Bag of Features
1.5.7. Networking
1.5.7. Networking
support options: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
support, X Window System: 1.5.5. The X Window System
addresses: Your network configuration
configuration checking: Your network configuration
Ethernet configuration: 15.1.3. Configuring TCP/IP with Ethernet
file sharing with Windows computers: 12.2.1. Mounting Windows Shares
gateways: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
PPP: 15.1. Networking with TCP/IP
15.1.2. Hardware Requirements
modems and: 15.2. Dial-up PPP
over ISDN: 15.3. PPP over ISDN
Samba, SMB shares: 12.2.2. Using Samba to Serve SMB Shares
SLIP: 15.1. Networking with TCP/IP
15.1.2. Hardware Requirements
15.2. Dial-up PPP
subnetworking: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
TCP/IP overview: 15.1. Networking with TCP/IP
troubleshooting routing tables: Trying out your network
X System and (see X Window System)
networks file: /etc/networks
readers: 9.2.7. Running Commands and Programming within Emacs
X Window System: 10.6. Running into Trouble
newsgroups: A. Sources of Linux Information
Linux resources: 1.8.3. Usenet Newsgroups
newsrcstartup file: 4.15. Startup Files
next command (gdb): 14.1.1. Tracing a Program
nexti command (gdb): Instruction-level debugging
NFS: 1.5.7. Networking
NFS (Network File System): 15.5. NFS and NIS Configuration
NIS (Network Information Service): 15.5. NFS and NIS Configuration
15.5.2. Configuring NIS
nmbd daemon (Samba): Starting the Samba daemons
No such file or directoryâ error: 14.1.3. Debugging a Running Program
nodes, Textinfo: Writing the Texinfo source
nonrewinding tape devices: Backing up to tape
nosmp boot option: 3.1.1. Booting Linux
notebook computers (see laptop computers)
nroff: 9.3.4. groff
NTFS filesystems/partitions
mounting: 12.2. Sharing Partitions
null file, redirecting standard output: 8.2. Scheduling Jobs Using cron
NYS: 15.5.2. Configuring NIS

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