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Part I. ActionScript Fundamentals

This part covers the core syntax and grammar of the ActionScript language: variables, data, statements, functions, event handlers, arrays, objects, and movie clips. By the end of Part I, you'll know everything there is to know about writing ActionScript programs.

Chapter 1, "A Gentle Introduction for Non-Programmers"

Chapter 2, "Variables"

Chapter 3, "Data and Datatypes"

Chapter 4, "Primitive Datatypes"

Chapter 5, "Operators"

Chapter 6, "Statements"

Chapter 7, "Conditionals"

Chapter 8, "Loop Statements"

Chapter 9, "Functions"

Chapter 10, "Events and Event Handlers"

Chapter 11, "Arrays"

Chapter 12, "Objects and Classes"

Chapter 13, "Movie Clips"

Chapter 14, "Lexical Structure"

Chapter 15, "Advanced Topics"

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