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0.6. Acknowledgments

I am honored to know, privileged to work with, and deeply indebted to the following people:

  • The tremendously talented Flash team at Macromedia, who through constant innovation have shaped a medium, and who recognize the people behind the terminals that constitute the Web. Macromedia's combination of professionalism, exploration, and personal passion is rare within the construct of a corporation.

  • The consummate professionals at O'Reilly: Tim O'Reilly, Troy Mott, Mike Sierra, Rob Romano, Edie Freedman, and the many copyeditors, indexers, proofreaders, and sales and marketing folks who helped bring this book to the shelves.

  • Derek Clayton, my personal programming mentor and friend. In addition to providing almost-daily code advice, Derek contributed the Perl code in Chapter 17, "Flash Forms", and schooled me in Quake far too many times. He also wrote an XMLSocket server in Java and a generic flat file database system in Perl, both available from the online Code Depot.

  • Wendy Schaffer, who, in addition to proofreading the first draft of the manuscript, bore the task of supporting me with love and life during the all-consuming task of writing this book.

  • Bruce Epstein, who served as the developmental editor, helping to refine nearly every sentence in the manuscript, often contributing content to round out topics. Bruce's insightful editorial work and guidance were invaluable.

  • Gary Grossman, the creator of ActionScript at Macromedia, who somehow always found time to answer questions, explain subtleties, and even entertain debates during ActionScript's development. Gary acted as lead technical editor for the book, helping to clarify important concepts and details. Much of the accuracy of this text is the direct result of his participation.

  • Slavik Lozben, Macromedia Flash Engineer, whom I cannot thank enough for creating movie clip events and swapDepths! Without Slavik's intelligence and willingness to engage in discourse, I'd still be writing the chapter on events and event handlers. Slavik also contributed greatly as a technical editor.

  • Erica Norton, Macromedia ActionScript QA Engineer, who answered and researched question after question with alacrity. In addition to entertaining regular discussions, Erica took time out of her demanding schedule to be a technical editor.

  • Jeremy Clark, Macromedia's Flash Product Manager, who enthusiastically supported the book with ideas, advice, friendship, and answers to my endless stream of questions. Eric Wittman, Macromedia's Director of Flash Product Management, whose sagacious direction has shaped Flash for years. Janice Pearce, of Macromedia's Flash QA team, who clarified various Flash production issues and graciously supplied early builds of Flash 5. Matt Wobensmith, Macromedia's Flash Community Manager, and a regular and valuable source of knowledge. Troy Evans, Macromedia's Flash Player Product Manager, who guides and champions the Flash Player. Bentley Wolfe, from Macromedia's technical support team, who seems to never leave his keyboard.

  • Richard Koman of O'Reilly & Associates, who provided editorial guidance during the proposal and early draft stages.

  • David Fugate, my literary agent from Waterside Productions, whose diligence and confidence made business affairs practically invisible.

  • D. Joe Duong, who knows too much for his age, in a kind of defiance of the amount of time he spends teaching others. I am lucky enough to be one of those others. Mike Linkovich, the code philosopher, who is as inspiring as he is edifying. James Porter and Andrew Murphy for reading and testing, and reading and testing, and reading and testing. And, of course, Graham Barton, the deserter.

  • Doug Keeley, Terry Maguire, and Jon Nicholls, who created ICE, a company where occupation and passion are allowed to coexist.

  • Professor Paul Beam, who saw the connection between literature, communication, and computers in the unlikely setting of an English graduate program at the University of Waterloo.

  • Professor Jack Gray, for his wisdom and friendship.

  • Andrew Harris, David Luxton, Michael Kavanagh, Stephen Burke, Cheryl Gula, Christine Nishino, Stephen Mumby, Karin Trgovac, and Judith Zissman, whom I hold in esteem for their art, ideas, and friendship.

  • The Flash community, from whom I draw inspiration and understanding, including James Patterson, Yugo Nakamura, Naoki Mitsuse, Joshua Davis, James Baker, Marcell Mars, Phillip Torrone, Robert Reinhardt, Mark Fennell, Branden Hall, Josh Ulm, Darrel Plant, Todd Purgason, John Nack, Jason Krogh, Hillman Curtis, Glenn Thomas, and whomever I've inevitably omitted.

  • The Moocks (Margaret, Michael, Jane, and Biz) for teaching me to think, dream, explore, and love.

  • The Schaffers, for years of family and friendship.

And lastly I'd like to thank you the reader for taking the time to read this book. I hope it helps to make my passion your own.

-- Colin Moock

Toronto, Canada

April 2001

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