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by Colin Moock
ISBN 1-56592-852-0
First edition, published May 2001.
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Table of Contents

Copyright Page

Part 1: ActionScript Fundamentals

Chapter 1: A Gentle Introduction for Non-Programmers
Chapter 2: Variables
Chapter 3: Data and Datatypes
Chapter 4: Primitive Datatypes
Chapter 5: Operators
Chapter 6: Statements
Chapter 7: Conditionals
Chapter 8: Loop Statements
Chapter 9: Functions
Chapter 10: Events and Event Handlers
Chapter 11: Arrays
Chapter 12: Objects and Classes
Chapter 13: Movie Clips
Chapter 14: Lexical Structure
Chapter 15: Advanced Topics

Part 2: Applied ActionScript

Chapter 16: ActionScript Authoring Environment
Chapter 17: Flash Forms
Chapter 18: On-Screen Text Fields
Chapter 19: Debugging

Part 3: Language Reference

Chapter 20: ActionScript Language Reference

Part 4: Appendixes

Appendix A: Resources
Appendix B: Latin 1 Character Repertoire and Keycodes
Appendix C: Backward Compatibility
Appendix D: Differences from ECMA-262 and JavaScript

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