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Index: D

formatting with sprintf function: 15.3. Formatting Data with sprintf
manipulating with pack and unpack functions: 16.2. Manipulating Data with pack and unpack
data-flow analysis: B.14. Security
data structures, complex: B.20.1. Complex Data Structures
databases: 16. Simple Databases
B.7. Databases
DBI module and: B.7.3. Relational Database Access
files for, read/write access to: 16.3. Fixed-length Random-access Databases
fixed-length random-access: 16.3. Fixed-length Random-access Databases
hashes and: 5.1.1. Why Use a Hash?
variable-length text: 16.4. Variable-length (Text) Databases
date command (Unix): 14.1. The system Function
16.4. Variable-length (Text) Databases
capturing output and: 14.4. Using Backquotes to Capture Output
DBI module: B.7.3. Relational Database Access
DBM files: 16.1. DBM Files and DBM Hashes
B.21. Tied Variables
DBM hashes: 16.1. DBM Files and DBM Hashes
B.21. Tied Variables
dbmclose function: 16.1.1. Opening and Closing DBM Hashes
dbmopen function: 16.1.1. Opening and Closing DBM Hashes
debugger for Perl: B.15. Debugging
decimal integer conversion: 6.5. Formatted Output with printf
formatting for output: 17.3. Transforming Items from a List with map
printf function and: 6.5. Formatted Output with printf
sprintf function and: 15.3.1. Using sprintf with "Money Numbers"
default variable ($_): 3.7. Perl's Favorite Default: $_
=~ binding operator and: 9.3. The Binding Operator, =~
input stored in: 6.1. Input from Standard Input
defaults: 1.2.2. Is Perl Easy or Hard?
output filehandle: 11.4.1. Changing the Default Output Filehandle
defined function: 2.12. The defined Function
13.6. Changing Ownership
delete function: 5.4.2. The delete Function
changing for s/// substitution operator: 9.6.2. Different Delimiters
in lists: 3.3.1. The qw Shortcut
nonpaired: 9.1. Matches with m//
diagnostic messages, from diamond operator\\: 6.2. Input from the Diamond Operator
diagnostics pragma: B.6.2. The diagnostics Pragma
diamond operator (see diamond operator)
diamond operator (): 6.2. Input from the Diamond Operator
@ARGV array and: 6.3. The Invocation Arguments
in-place editing of text files and: 16.4. Variable-length (Text) Databases
die function: 11.3. Fatal Errors with die
digits, \\\\d shortcut for: 8.1.1. Character Class Shortcuts
directories: 13.3. Links and Files
making/removing: 13.4. Making and Removing Directories
manipulating: 12. Directory Operations
directory handles: 12.4. Directory Handles
dirname function, File::Basename module and: 13.8.1. The File::Basename Module
division operator (/): 2.2.5. Numeric Operators
documentation for Perl: 1.3.3. Are There Any Other Kinds of Support?
B.1. Further Documentation
embedding: B.28. Embedded Documentation
dollar sign ($)
in regular text: 2.6.1. Interpolation of Scalar Variables into Strings
in scalar variable names: 2.5. Scalar Variables
indicating end of string: 8.3. Anchors
preceding hash names: 5.2. Hash Element Access
domain-name databases: B.7.1. Direct System Database Access
dot (.)
as wildcard character: 7.2.1. About Metacharacters
/s modifier and: 9.2.2. Matching Any Character with /s
indicating current directory: 13.3. Links and Files
dot and slash (./): 1.4.1. A Simple Program
dot-dot (..) indicating parent directory: 13.3. Links and Files
double-precision floating-point values: 2.2.1. All Numbers Are the Same Format Internally
double-quote interpolation (see variable interpolation)
double-quoted string literals: 2.3.2. Double-Quoted String Literals
arrays, interpolating into: 3.5. Interpolating Arrays into Strings
hash elements, interpolating into: 5.4.3. Hash Element Interpolation
scalar variables, interpolating into: 2.6.1. Interpolation of Scalar Variables into Strings
variable interpolation and: 2.3.2. Double-Quoted String Literals
double quotes ("")
arrays and: 6.4. Output to Standard Output
enclosing strings: 2.3.2. Double-Quoted String Literals
omitting from hash keys: 17.4. Unquoted Hash Keys
downloading pattern test program: 7.4. Exercises
dynamic loading: B.23. Dynamic Loading

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