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Index: T

tab as resource record name: 4.4.3. Repeat Last Name
table of counts: BIND 4.9 and 8 statistics
TCP sockets, sending messages across with ndc: 7.1.1. ndc and controls (BIND 8)
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
application gateways and: Application gateways
Virtual Circuits and: 12.3. Option Settings
15.2.5. The _res Structure
TCP/IP protocol: 1.1. A (Very) Brief History of the Internet
nslookup and: 12.3. Option Settings
telnet, search list and: 6.3.1. Differences in Service Behavior
temporary root name servers: 8.6.3. Really Long Outages ( Weeks)
TERM signal: 7.1.3. Using Signals
text queries: BIND 4.9 and 8 statistics
third-level domains, choosing: 3.2.3. Back in the U.S.A.
time synchronization, TSIG and: 11.1.3. Configuring TSIG
time to live (see TTL)
timeout option: 6.1.6. The options Directive
nslookup and: 12.1.2. Timeouts
12.3. Option Settings
resolver queries and: One name server configured
TIS Firewall Toolkit: Application gateways
TLAs (Top-Level Aggregators): 10.14. The ABCs of IPv6 Addressing
TLDs (see top-level domains)
too many open files message: 7.6.1. Common Syslog Messages
14.5.3. Name Server Reports "Too Many Open Files"
Top-Level Aggregators (TLAs): 10.14. The ABCs of IPv6 Addressing
top-level domains (TLDs): 2.1.2. Domains
2.1.2. Domains
2.2.1. Top-Level Domains
choosing: 3.2.2. Where in the World Do I Fit?
for international domains: 3.2.2. Where in the World Do I Fit?
for U.S.domains: 3.2.3. Back in the U.S.A.
examining structure of with nslookup: 3.2.2. Where in the World Do I Fit?
generic (see gTLDs)
list of: D. Top-Level Domains
subdomain names and: 9.3. What to Name Your Children
top utility: 8.1.2. Capacity Planning
topology, name server preferences and: 10.9. Preferring Name Servers on Certain Networks
trace command: 7.1.1. ndc and controls (BIND 8)
traffic: 8.1.2. Capacity Planning
root name servers and: 2.6.1. Root Name Servers
affecting SRI-NIC host: 1.2.1. The History of the Domain Name System
trailing dot (.): 4.2.4. SOA Records
6.1.2. The Search List
in domain names: 14.3.6. Missing Dot at the End of a Domain Name in a Zone Data File
A.1. Master File Format
importance of not omitting: 4.4.1. Appending Domain Names
local domain name written without: 6.1.1. The Local Domain Name
trailing spaces, BIND resolver and: 6.1.1. The Local Domain Name
transaction signatures (see TSIG)
transfer-format substatement: More efficient zone transfers
transfer-source substatement: 10.15.1. Configuring the IPv4 Transport
transfer-source-v6 substatement: 10.15.2. Configuring the IPv6 Transport
10.15.2. Configuring the IPv6 Transport
transfers-in substatement: Limiting the total number of zone transfers requested
E.2.11.1. limit transfers-in
transfers-per-ns substatement: Limiting transfers requested per name server
E.2.11.1. limit transfers-in
E.2.11.2. limit transfers-per-ns
translating (see mapping)
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (see TCP/IP protocol)
transmission order: A.2.5. Data Transmission Order
troubleshooting: 12.7. Troubleshooting nslookup Problems
14. Troubleshooting DNS and BIND
BIND 8/9 and: 14.4. Transition Problems
checking delegation: 9.6. Good Parenting
corrupted cache: 14.7.7. Can't Get Rid of Old Data
debugging output and (see debugging)
dig utility: 12.9.1. dig's Output Format
interoperability problems: 14.5. Interoperability and Version Problems
NIS problems: 14.1. Is NIS Really Your Problem?
nslookup: 12.7. Troubleshooting nslookup Problems
potential problems (list): 14.3. Potential Problem List
preventing and handling disasters: 8.5. Planning for Disasters
problem symptoms and: 14.7. Problem Symptoms
tools and techniques for: 14.2. Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques
TSIG errors: 14.6. TSIG Errors
Tru64 Unix configuring resolvers for: 6.4.5. Compaq's Tru64 Unix and Digital Unix
truncated packets: 12.3. Option Settings
Trusted Information Systems: Application gateways
TRYAGAIN condition: 6.4.2. Sun's Solaris 2.x
TSIG record: 11.1.2. The TSIG Record
TSIG-signed dynamic update: 10.2.4. TSIG-Signed Updates
Windows2002 and: 16.8.3. Secure Dynamic Update
TSIG (transaction signatures): 11.1. TSIG
configuring: 11.1.3. Configuring TSIG
troubleshooting: 14.6. TSIG Errors
using: 11.1.4. Using TSIG
TTL (time to live): 2.7.1. Time to Live
changing: 8.4. Changing TTLs
configuring limits for: 10.12.4. TTLs
default: 8.4. Changing TTLs
8.4.1. Changing Other SOA Values
BIND 8/9 and: 14.5.8. TTL Not Set
setting for zones: 4.2.3. Setting the Zone's Default TTL
lame: 10.12.4. TTLs
minimum: 8.4.1. Changing Other SOA Values
negative caching TTL value: 4.8.3. SOA Values
root hints data and: 4.2.10. The Root Hints Data
round robin load distribution and: 10.7. Round Robin Load Distribution
TXT records: General text information
A.1.2. Types
query statistics for: BIND 4.9 and 8 statistics
secure_zone records and: Restricting queries in a particular zone

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