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Index: P

packet category: BIND 8 categories
packet filters: Packet filters
panic category: BIND 8 categories
parent domains: 2.3. Delegation
3.2.5. Registering Your Zones
(see also domains)
contacting administrator of: The us domain
registering: 3.2.5. Registering Your Zones
parent-level aliases: 9.7.1. Removing Parent Aliases
parent zones, contacting administrators of: 8.3. Registering Name Servers
parentheses ()
grouping data: A.1. Master File Format
in SOA records: 4.2.4. SOA Records
parenting: 9. Parenting
guidelines for: 9.1. When to Become a Parent
highlights of: 9.8. The Life of a Parent
subdomains and
creating: 9.4. How to Become a Parent: Creating Subdomains
in-addr.arpa domain: 9.5. Subdomains of in-addr.arpa Domains
transitioning to: 9.7. Managing the Transition to Subdomains
parser category: BIND 8 categories
parsing DNS responses: 15.2.7. Parsing DNS Responses
partial-slave name servers: 8.2.3. Partial-Slave Servers
benefits of: 8.2.3. Partial-Slave Servers
registering name servers and: 8.3. Registering Name Servers
for HP-UX: 6.4.3. HP's HP-UX
for IRIX: 6.4.6. Silicon Graphics' IRIX
peak periods of activity, monitoring: 8.1.2. Capacity Planning
avoiding bogus name servers and: 10.11. Avoiding a Bogus Name Server
capacity planning and: 8.1.2. Capacity Planning
connectivity loss: 14.3.8. Loss of Network Connectivity
14.3.8. Loss of Network Connectivity
debugging levels and: 13.1. Debugging Levels
DNSSEC and: 11.4.7. DNSSEC and Performance
mail exchangers and: 5.2. What's a Mail Exchanger, Again?
monitoring name servers: 7.6. Keeping Everything Running Smoothly
MX records and: 16.3. A Limitation of MX Records
queries per second: Using the BIND statistics
round robin load distribution and: 10.7. Round Robin Load Distribution
system tuning and: 10.12. System Tuning
troubleshooting: 14.7.4. Lookups Take a Long Time
TTL and: 2.7.1. Time to Live
zone transfers, improving efficiency of: More efficient zone transfers
h2n utility written in: 7.2.5. Generating Zone Data Files from the Host Table
Net::DNS module, programming with: 15.3. Perl Programming with Net::DNS
Socket.pm utility written in: 13.6. Tools
ping utility: 4.2.6. Address and Alias Records
rotate option and: 6.1.6. The options Directive
pointer queries: BIND 4.9 and 8 statistics
pointer records (see PTR records)
port option (nslookup): 12.3. Option Settings
port unreachable message: One name server configured
15.1.1. A Typical Problem
resolvers and: 8.5.1. Outages
ports: 10.15. Addresses and Ports
postmaster as email address: 4.2.4. SOA Records
pound sign (#) starting comments: 4.3. Setting Up a BIND Configuration File
in resolv.conf file: 6.1.7. Comments
power outages: 8.5.1. Outages
preference values: 5.1. MX Records
discarding MX records and: 5.3. The MX Algorithm
increments for: 5.3. The MX Algorithm
prereq commands (nsupdate): 10.2. DNS Dynamic Update
preventing disasters (see troubleshooting, preventing and handling disasters)
primaries (see primary master name servers)
primary configuration file line (BIND4): 4.3. Setting Up a BIND Configuration File
4.4.1. Appending Domain Names
primary directive: E.2.2. primary
adding: 4.9. Adding More Zones
primary master (see primary master name server)
primary master name server: 2.4.2. Types of Name Servers
2.4.2. Types of Name Servers
adding: 8.2.1. Primary Master and Slave Servers
BIND configuration file for (example): 4.3. Setting Up a BIND Configuration File
forgetting to signal: 14.3.2. Forgot to Reload Primary Master Name Server
forwarders and: 10.5. Forwarding
multiple: 4.8.4. Multiple Master Servers
primary master vs. slave: 4.9. Adding More Zones
reloading, command for: 7.1.1. ndc and controls (BIND 8)
running: 4.7. Running a Primary Master Name Server
slave name servers and: 4.8. Running a Slave Name Server
when running large numbers of: 8.2. Adding More Name Servers
starting up: 4.7.1. Starting Up the Name Server
automatically: 4.7.4. Editing the Startup Files
testing with nslookup: 4.7.3. Testing Your Setup with nslookup
unreachable message and: 7.6.1. Common Syslog Messages
process IDs: 7.1.3. Using Signals
command for printing: 7.1.1. ndc and controls (BIND 8)
processing email: 5.1. MX Records
processor load: 1.2.1. The History of the Domain Name System
programming resolvers: 15. Programming with the Resolver and Name Server Library Routines
with Perl: 15.3. Perl Programming with Net::DNS
with C programming: 15.2. C Programming with the Resolver Library Routines
programs, obtaining examples of: 0.5. Obtaining the Example Programs
propagation time: 8.2.1. Primary Master and Slave Servers
proprietary WINS records: 14.5.1. Zone Transfer Fails Because of Proprietary WINS Record
provide-ixfr server substatement: 10.4.4. BIND 9 IXFR Configuration
ps command: 7.1.3. Using Signals
PTR records: 4.2.7. PTR Records
A.1.2. Types
Looked for PTR, Found CNAME message and: 14.5.4. Resolver Reports "Looked for PTR, Found CNAME"
missing: 12.7.3. No PTR Record for Name Server's Address
14.3.4. Added Name to Zone Data File but Forgot to Add PTR Record
order of in zone data files: 4.2.1. The Zone Data Files
query statistics for: BIND 4.9 and 8 statistics
public key cryptography: 11.4. The DNS Security Extensions
PX records: A.1.4. New Types from RFC 1664

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