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Index: L

label= option (LILO): G.2. Image Options
LAN (local area network): 15.1. Networking with TCP/IP
NFS and NIS: 15.4. NFS and NIS Configuration
language for KDE: 11.3.2. Using KDE
languages (see programming languages)
lastlog file: 8.3. Managing System Logs
LaTeX: Learning the ropes Learning the ropes
(see also TeX)
ldconfig command: 7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
ldd utility: 7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries Creating shared libraries
LDP (Linux Documentation Project): A. Sources of Linux Information
A.2. Linux Documentation Project Manuals
0.1. Why People Like Linux
0.1. Why People Like Linux
1.10.2. Books and Other Published Works
ld.so.cache file: 7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
ld.so.conf file: 7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
less command: 4.4.3. Viewing Files, More or Less
less than (<): 4.9. Saving Your Output
in HTML: More HTML features
lf variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
<li> HTML tag: More HTML features
/lib directory: 8.6.2. Accessing Damaged Files
Libart engine for GNOME: B.5.1.4. The Canvas/Libart engines
libc library, upgrading: 7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
libnsl: 15.4.2. Configuring NIS
programming: 13.1.1. Quick Overview
13.1.7. More Fun with Libraries
shared: 8.6.2. Accessing Damaged Files Creating shared libraries
Sun SPARC systems: F.2. System Libraries
upgrading: 7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
LIBRARY_PATH environment variable: Creating shared libraries
licenses: 1.6. About Linux's Copyright
2.1.1. Getting Linux via Mail Order or Other Hard Media
Netscape Navigator: 16.1.1. Using Netscape Navigator
X Window System: 10. Installing the X Window System
LILO (Linux Loader): 3.1.1. Booting Linux
3.1.7. Creating the Boot Floppy or Installing LILO Problems booting Linux from the hard drive
5.2.2. Using LILO
boot and command options: G. LILO Boot Options
configuring: The /etc/lilo.conf file
removing: Removing LILO
as secondary boot loader: Using LILO as a secondary boot loader
specifying hard drive geometry: Problems recognizing hard drive or controller
lilo.conf file: The /etc/lilo.conf file
linear option (LILO): G.1. Global Options
linefeed characters: 8.4.1. Checking Printer Hardware
8.4.7. Print Filters
linker: 13.1.1. Quick Overview
symbolic: 4.4.4. Symbolic Links
Web: 16.1. The World Wide Web
16.1.1. Using Netscape Navigator Using links
advantages of: 0.1. Why People Like Linux
1.8. Differences Between Linux and Other Operating Systems
1.8.1. Why Use Linux?
booting up: 3.1.1. Booting Linux Problems booting Linux from floppy
5.1. Running the System
5.2. Booting the System
cost of (see cost of Linux)
design and philosophy of: 1.7. Open Source and the Philosophy of Linux
installation differences: 3.1.6. Installing the Software
distributions of: 2.1. Distributions of Linux
documentation (see documentation)
Documentation Project (see LDP)
features of: 1.4. System Features
hardware requirements: 1.9. Hardware Requirements
history of: 0. Preface
1.2. A Brief History of Linux
installing: 2.2. Preparing to Install Linux
3.1. Installing the Linux Software
Alpha systems: C.3. Identifying Your Alpha System
C.3. Identifying Your Alpha System
C.6. Installing Linux
Motorola 68000-series systems: E. Installing Linux/m68k on Motorola 68000-Series Systems
Sun SPARC systems: F. Installing Linux on Sun SPARC Systems
tasks immediately after: 3.2. Post-Installation Procedures
troubleshooting: 3.3. Running Into Trouble
kernel (see kernel)
partition requirements: 2.2.3. Linux Partition Requirements
performance of (see performance)
shutting down: 3.2.4. Shutting Down the System
5.3.3. rc files
5.5. Shutting Down the System
single-user mode: Specifying boot time options
5.4. Single-User Mode
Software Map (LSM): A.1. Online Documents
linux command, boot-time parameters: 3.1.1. Booting Linux
Linux Journal: 1.10.2. Books and Other Published Works
Linux Magazine: 1.10.2. Books and Other Published Works
Linux/m68k: E. Installing Linux/m68k on Motorola 68000-Series Systems
booting: E.4.1. Booting Linux
hardware: E.2. Supported Hardware
partitions and filesystems: E.4.2. Partitioning and Filesystems
X Window System: E.4.3. The X Window System
LinuxPPC: D. LinuxPPC: Installing Linux on PowerPC Computers
hardware: D.1. Compatible Hardware
hardware concerns: D.6. Getting Hardware to Do What You Want It to Do
kernel and library concerns: D.2. Kernel and Library Issues
preparing to boot: D.3. Preparing to Boot LinuxPPC
Red Hat Installer: D.4. Using the Red Hat Installer
LISP language: 13.7. Other Languages
list command (gdb): 14.1.1. Tracing a Program
list-faces-display command (Emacs): 11.4.7. Emacs
listing files: 4.4.2. Listing Files
lists in HTML: More HTML features
literal= option: G.3. Kernel Options
ln command: 4.4.4. Symbolic Links
6.3. Device Files
7.2.1. Upgrading Libraries
loadable device drivers: 7.5. Loadable Device Drivers
loadable module support: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
loader= option (LILO): G.2. Image Options
loading modules automatically: 7.6. Loading Modules Automatically
local bus architecture: 1.9.1. Motherboard and CPU Requirements
local directory: 4.16. Important Directories
lock option (LILO): G.2. Image Options
lock parameter (linux): 3.1.1. Booting Linux
locking files: 14.2.7. Revision Control Tools--RCS
(see also revision control)
Elm: Preparing for installation
logging in: Problems logging in
4.1. Logging In
from terminals: 5.3.3. rc files
logical partitions: 2.2.2. Repartitioning Concepts
2.2.2. Repartitioning Concepts
Logical Unit Number (LUN): 3.1.1. Booting Linux
login prompt: 3.3.1. Problems with Booting the Installation Media
4.1. Logging In
Logitech mice: 10.4. Configuring XFree86
printer error: The rest of the printcap variables
rotating: 8.3. Managing System Logs
system: 8.3. Managing System Logs
look-and-feel, GNOME desktop: B.3. The GNOME Desktop: A User's Point of View
loopback address: 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts Your network configuration
Lout package: 8.4.4. Checking Print Utilities
lp# files: 8.4.1. Checking Printer Hardware
lp command: 9.5. Printing
lp variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
lpadmin command: 9.5. Printing
lpc utility: 8.4.7. Print Filters
8.4.11. Exercising the Printer Daemon
8.4.12. Controlling Printer Services with lpc
9.5. Printing
lpd daemon: 8.4. Managing Print Services
8.4.11. Exercising the Printer Daemon
8.4.14. Printer System Troubleshooting
9.5.1. What Happens to a File After It's Put on the Queue
lpq command: 9.5. Printing
lpr command: 9.5. Printing
lprm command: 9.5. Printing
lpstat command: 9.5. Printing
lptest command: 8.4.11. Exercising the Printer Daemon
lptest file: 8.4.1. Checking Printer Hardware
lptest utility: 8.4.1. Checking Printer Hardware
ls command: 4.4.2. Listing Files
LSM (Linux Software Map): A.1. Online Documents
lsmod command: 7.5. Loadable Device Drivers
LUN (Logical Unit Number): 3.1.1. Booting Linux
Lynx browser: 16.1.1. Using Netscape Navigator
LyX package: 9.3.4. Word Processors

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