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G.2. Image Options

The following options are specified for a particular image:


Provides an alternate name for the image that can be used instead of the name specified with the label option.


Specifies the file or device containing the boot image of a bootable Linux kernel. Each per-image section that specifies a bootable Linux kernel starts with an image option. See also the range option.


Specifies the name that is used for the image at the boot prompt. Defaults to the filename of the image file (without the path).


For a non-Linux operating system, specifies the chain loader to which LILO should pass control for booting that operating system. The default is /boot/chain.b. If the system will be booted from a drive that is neither the first hard disk nor a floppy, the chain loader must be specified.


Tells LILO to record the boot command line and use it as the default for future boots until it is overridden by a new boot command line. lock is useful if there is a set of options that you need to enter on the boot command line every time you boot the system.


Specifies that the image should be omitted if it is not available when the map is created by the lilo command. Useful for specifying test kernels that are not always present.


Specifies that the image is password protected and provides the password that the user is prompted for when booting. The password is not encrypted in the configuration file, so if passwords are used, only the superuser should be able to read the file.


Used with the image option, when the image is specified as a device (e.g., image=/dev/fd0 ), to indicate the range of sectors to be mapped into the map file. sectors can be given as the range start-end or as start +number, where start and end are zero-based sector numbers and number is the increment beyond start to include.

If only start is specified, only that one sector is mapped. For example:

image = /dev/fd0
  range = 1+512   # take 512 sectors, starting with sector 1


Specifies that a password is required for booting the image only if boot parameters are specified on the command line.


Specifies, for a non-Linux operating system, the device that contains the partition table. If table is omitted, the boot loader does not pass partition information to the operating system being booted. Note that /sbin/lilo must be rerun if the partition table is modified. This option cannot be used with unsafe.


Can be used in the per-image section for a non-Linux operating system to indicate that the boot sector should not be accessed when the map is created. If unsafe is specified, some checking isn't done, but the option can be useful for running the lilo command without having to insert a floppy disk when the boot sector is on a fixed-format floppy-disk device. This option cannot be used with table.

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