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Index: I

<i> HTML tag: More HTML features
IconFont command (fvwm): 11.2.1. Configuring fvwm
IconPath command (fvwm): 11.2.1. Configuring fvwm
icons for Web documents: srm.conf
IDE drives,
Alpha system support: C.5.2. IDE/ATAPI Drive Support
identify utility (ImageMagick): 9.4.1. ImageMagick
if variable (printcap): The rest of the printcap variables
ifconfig command: The networking rc files Trying out your network
ignore-table option (LILO): G.1. Global Options
/Image file: 5.2.1. Using a Boot Floppy
image= option (LILO): G.2. Image Options
ImageMagick package: 8.4.4. Checking Print Utilities
9.4. Graphics
9.4.1. ImageMagick
images (see graphics)
imake program: 14.2.4. make and imake
<img> HTML tag: Embedded images
Imlib library: B.5.1.2. Imlib
import utility (ImageMagick): 9.4.1. ImageMagick
inaccessible= option (LILO): G.1. Global Options
include directory: 4.16. Important Directories
include path: 13.1.7. More Fun with Libraries
including files in vi: 9.1.8. Including Other Files
incompatible hardware: 3.3.1. Problems with Booting the Installation Media
3.3.2. Hardware Problems
3.3.2. Hardware Problems
backups: 8.1. Making Backups
8.1.2. Incremental Backups
search: 9.2.5. Searching and Replacing
indent program: 14.2.10. Indenting Code
Indented Text mode (Emacs): 9.2.8. Tailoring Emacs
indenting code: 14.2.10. Indenting Code
indexing, Texinfo: Writing the Texinfo source
inetd daemon: The networking rc files
starting Sambda daemons: Starting Samba
inetd.conf file: 4.17. Programs That Serve You
info command (gdb): 14.1.5. Getting Information
Info pages (GNU project programs): 4.12. Manual Pages
9.2.3. Tutorial and Online Help
info program: 4.12. Manual Pages
9.2.3. Tutorial and Online Help
INFO-SHEET, Linux: A.1. Online Documents
init command: 5.3.2. init, inittab, and rc files The networking rc files
initrd= option: G.3. Kernel Options
inittab file: 4.17. Programs That Serve You
5.3.2. init, inittab, and rc files
5.3.2. init, inittab, and rc files The networking rc files
inline images: Embedded images
<input> HTML tag: The HTML form document
inserting text (vi editor): 9.1.2. Inserting Text and Moving Around
insmod command: 7.5. Loadable Device Drivers
8.6.3. Restoring Files from Backup
install= option (LILO): G.1. Global Options
BootX software: D.3.3. Installing BootX
device drivers: 7.5. Loadable Device Drivers
Dosemu: 12.2.3. Installing and Configuring Dosemu
Elm reader: 16.2.4. Installing Elm
GNOME: B.6. Getting and Installing GNOME
KDE: 11.3.1. Installing KDE
LILO: 3.1.7. Creating the Boot Floppy or Installing LILO
Linux (see installing Linux)
manual pages: Formatting and installing the manual page
new kernel: 7.4. Building a New Kernel
RPM for: 7.3. Using RPM
Samba: Installing Samba
Samba package: 12.1.2. Using Samba to Mount Directories from Windows Systems on Your Network
smail package: 16.2.1. The smail Mail Transport Agent
software: 3.1.6. Installing the Software
troubleshooting: 3.3.3. Problems Installing the Software
upgrading vs. reinstalling: 7.2. Upgrading Software
XFree86: 10.3. Installing XFree86
installing Linux: 1.7.1. Hints for Unix Novices
2.2. Preparing to Install Linux
3.1. Installing the Linux Software
Alpha systems: C.3. Identifying Your Alpha System
C.3. Identifying Your Alpha System
C.6. Installing Linux
preparing to install: C.5. Preparing for Installation of Linux Alpha
hardware concerns
preparing to boot: D.6. Getting Hardware to Do What You Want It to Do
Motorola 68000-series systems: E. Installing Linux/m68k on Motorola 68000-Series Systems
booting Linux/m68k: E.4.1. Booting Linux
hardware: E.2. Supported Hardware
partitions and filesystems: E.4.2. Partitioning and Filesystems
X Window System: E.4.3. The X Window System
PowerPC computers: D. LinuxPPC: Installing Linux on PowerPC Computers
kernel and library concerns: D.2. Kernel and Library Issues
preparing to boot: D.3. Preparing to Boot LinuxPPC
Red Hat Installer
preparing to boot: D.4. Using the Red Hat Installer
Sun SPARC systems: F. Installing Linux on Sun SPARC Systems
differences from Intel intallations: F.3. Installation Differences from Intel
hardware: F.1. Supported Hardware
installing from serial console: F.4. Installation from a Serial Console
SILO bootloader: F.3.2. The SILO Boot Loader
system libraries: F.2. System Libraries
tasks immediately after: 3.2. Post-Installation Procedures
troubleshooting: 3.3. Running Into Trouble
instruction-level debugging: Instruction-level debugging
insufficient memory errors: 3.3.3. Problems Installing the Software
interactive HTML forms: 16.1.5. Building Interactive Forms
interface building tools: 14.2.6. Interface Building Tools
internationalization of KDE desktop: 11.3.2. Using KDE
CVS utility over: CVS over the Internet
domain name, registering: Registering an address
mail feed: 16.2.3. Other Email Administrative Issues
obtaining Linux from: 2.1.2. Getting Linux from the Internet
2.1.3. Getting Linux from Other Online Sources
Protocol (see IP)
WWW (see World Wide Web)
interrupts file (/proc): 5.6. The /proc filesystem
addresses: Isolating hardware problems
checking addresses with /proc/ioports: 5.6. The /proc filesystem
memory-mapped: Problems with SCSI controllers and devices
ioports file: 5.6. The /proc filesystem
IP (Internet Protocol): 15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts
15.1.1. TCP/IP Concepts Your network configuration
IPC (interprocess communication): B.5.2. The Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
IPC, System V: 12.2.3. Installing and Configuring Dosemu
ipppd daemon: 15.3.2. Setting Up Synchronous PPP
IRQ (interrupt request line): Isolating hardware problems
ISDN, PPP over: 15.3. PPP over ISDN
configuring ISDN hardware: 15.3.1. Configuring Your ISDN Hardware
synchronous PPP: 15.3.2. Setting Up Synchronous PPP
troubleshooting: 15.3.3. And If It Does Not Work?
ISDN subsystem: 7.4.2. Building the Kernel
ISO 9660 filesystem: 6.1.1. Filesystem Types

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