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Distributed Systems Administration Utilities User's Guide


Technical documentation

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HP Part Number: T2786-90291

Edition: 1.4

Published: September 2008

Table of Contents

About this Document
Intended Audience
Typographic Conventions
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Publishing History
Product Support
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1 Introduction
Distributed Systems Administration Utilities Commands
Open Source Components
Distributed Systems Administration Utilities Manual Pages
2 Configuration Synchronization
cfengine Overview
cfengine Daemons and Commands
cfengine Master Server Deployment Models
Configuring cfengine
Using the Configuration Synchronization Wizard
Manual Configuration
Security Notes
Key Exchange
csync Network Port Usage
Checksum Alerts
Disabling Use of cfengine
Logging Options
cfengine Troubleshooting
3 Consolidated Logging
Introduction to syslog
syslog Message Format
Message Filtering
Log Consolidation Overview
Improved Log Consolidation
syslog Co-existence
Log Consolidation Configuration
Using the Log Consolidation Wizard
Manually Configuring Log Consolidation
Disabling Log Consolidation
Disabling a Standalone Log Consolidation System
Disabling a Serviceguard Cluster Log Consolidation System
Disabling a Standalone Log Forwarding Client
Disabling a Serviceguard Cluster Log Forwarding Client
Securing Consolidated Logs
Log File Protections
ssh Port Forwarding
clog Network Port Usage
Using Bastille to Harden the System
Viewing Consolidated Logs
Starting System Management Homepage
Using the System Log Viewer
4 Command Fanout
Parallel Distributed Shell
pdsh Utility Wrappers
Security Configuration
Remote Shell Security Setup
ssh Security Setup
Security Notes
Command Fanout Troubleshooting
A HP-Supported Open Source pdsh Options
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