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Distributed Systems Administration Utilities User's Guide > Chapter 1 Introduction

Open Source Components


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The open source components and their commands are described in the following table. These open source components used by DSAU are based on the high level cfengine language. For additional information on cfengine, see the cfengine manpage; for the individual commands, see their respective manpages and open source documentation at /opt/dsau/doc. For supported open source options, refer Appendix A HP-Supported Open Source pdsh Options.

Table 1-5 Open Source cfengine Commands

CommandWhat it Does
cfagentSystem configuration agent that performs the configuration actions defined in a configuration policy file.
cfexecdA scheduling and report service. This is an optional component.
cfkeySecurity key generation tool. cfkey is run once on every host to create a public/private key pair.
cfrunTool to activate a remote cfagent.
cfservdA file server and remote activation service.


Table 1-6 Open Source pdsh Commands

CommandWhat it Does

Formats output from pdsh commands; consolidates identical output from multiple hosts.


Tool to make file and directory copies in parallel to a set of remote systems.


Tool to execute shell commands in parallel across a set of systems.


Table 1-7 Open Source syslog-ng Command

CommandWhat it Does


Tool that performs consolidated logging.


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