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Distributed Systems Administration Utilities User's Guide > Chapter 3 Consolidated Logging

Viewing Consolidated Logs


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Use the System Management Homepage’s System Log Viewer to filter and view a system’s local syslog log files. For a system that is also a log consolidator, the System Log Viewer also filters and displays the consolidated logs.

Starting System Management Homepage

To log in to the System Management Homepage, navigate to:


Enter a username and password. Root logins are enabled by default. For additional information on starting and logging into the System Management Homepage, refer to the HP System Management Homepage User Guide.

After logging in to System Management Homepage, choose the Logs tab and then “System Log Viewer.”

Using the System Log Viewer

The System Log Viewer will display the syslog-related logs for the system. By default, this includes the local logs for the system from /var/adm/syslog. If this system is also a log consolidator, the consolidated logs will also be listed.

NOTE: In a Serviceguard cluster configured as a log consolidation server, the consolidated logs are placed on the filesystem associated with the “clog” package. See “Cluster Configuration Notes for clog” for additional details. When using LVM and VxVM storage failover configurations, this means that the consolidated logs are only accessible to a single cluster member at a time. When using the http://hostname:2301 technique for starting SMH in a cluster, the administrator needs to know which cluster member is currently hosting the package, and should use that hostname in the URL.

Fortunately, there is a simpler solution: System Management Homepage supports virtual IP addresses such as those used by Serviceguard packages. This allows the administrator to use the package’s virtual IP address or DNS name in the auto-start URL (http://virtual_IP_address:2301) to launch the viewer on the system hosting the consolidated logs. For additional information, refer to the HP System Management Homepage User Guide.

Choose a log to view from the main Select tab. Use the Filter tab to specify filter expressions to search for specific entries, and then choose the Display tab to display the contents of the log. For additional information on using the System Log Viewer, use the help available from within the application.

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