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Distributed Systems Administration Utilities User's Guide > Chapter 4 Command Fanout

Command Fanout Troubleshooting


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This section contains troubleshooting tips for common error messages produced by pdsh and the wrapper commands.

You may see the following error messages when using command fanout:

Table 4-1 ssh Command Messages

MessageCauseTo Correct
pdsh@local_hostname: target_hostname:ssh exited with exit code 1The target system is unreachable.Ensure that the target system is up and connected.
pdsh@local_hostname: target_hostname:ssh exited with exit code 255This message occurs when the target hostname is unknown, the target host’s IP address in /etc/hosts is incorrect, or the user does not have permissions to use the target host. Note that 255 is the exit code used by ssh when ssh itself encounters an error.Obtain the correct hostname or IP address or set ssh permissions appropriately and try again.


Table 4-2 rsh Command Messages

MessageCauseTo Correct
pdsh@local_hostname: gethostbyname(“target_hostname”) failedThe target hostname is unknown.Determine the target hostname and try again.
pdsh@local_hostname: target_hostname:connect: Connection refusedThe target system is unreachable, or the r services may be disabled for this system.Check the r services and whether the target system is up and connected.
pdsh@local_hostname: target_hostname:connect: timed outThe hostname exists (that is, IP address lookup succeeded) but the target system is down or unreachable.Check that the system is up, connected and reachable.
rresvport: bind: Permission denied pdsh@local_hostname: local_hostname:rcmd: socket: Permission deniedAn unprivileged user attempted to use the remote shell transport. See the Security Notes section for details on allowing unprivileged users to use pdsh with the remote shell transport.
target_hostname: remshd: Login incorrect. remoteThe user’s $HOME/.rhosts on the remote system is not allowing access.Ensure that the user’s $HOME/.rhosts on the remote system gives access.


Table 4-3 Target Node Error Messages

MessageCauseTo Correct
target_hostname:sh:command_name:not foundThe command does not exist on the target node. The remote shell invoked by pdsh has only a minimal path, and a user's login scripts are not executed on remote nodes.Use full paths to specify commands.


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