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Distributed Systems Administration Utilities User's Guide > Chapter 2 Configuration Synchronization

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cfengine is intentionally silent about most configuration changes but there are several configuration options to increase the verbosity of cfengine output, as follows:

  • Most cfagent.conf actions such as "copy," "editfiles," and "processes," support a syslog = true option to cause the specific action to be logged to syslog.

  • Similarly, most actions support an "inform = true" option to cause cfagent to report any changes.

  • cfagent.conf’s control section supports global "inform = (true)" and "syslog = true" options.

  • cfagent (see cfagent(8)) supports the --inform switch on the command line. For more information, refer to the cfengine reference manual in /opt/dsau/doc/cfengine or the cfagentmanpage.

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