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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Installation, Configuration, and Administration


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HP Part Number: T2767-90141

Published: October 2008, Edition 6

Table of Contents

About This Document
Intended Audience
New and Changed Information in This Edition
Typographic Conventions
Product Naming Conventions
Document Organization
Related Information
Publishing History
HP Encourages Your Comments
1 Introduction
About HP Integrity Virtual Machines
New Features and Enhancements in This Release
Integrity VM Media
Using AVIO with Integrity VM
Running Applications in the Integrity VM Environment
Related Products
Using the Integrity VM Documentation
Integrity VM Manpages
Help Files
Using This Manual
2 Installing Integrity VM
Installation Requirements
VM Host System Requirements
Inhibitors to Installing Integrity VM
Bundle Names
Integrity VM Requires HP WBEM Services on the VM Host
Installation Procedure for New Installations
Upgrading the VM Host from Integrity VM V3.X to Integrity VM V4.0
Study the Current HP-UX 11i v2 to HP-UX 11i v3 Update Documentation
Analyze HP-UX 11i v2 based Integrity VM Server
Decide Whether to Perform a Cold-Install or an Update
Perform Required Hardware and Firmware Upgrades
Perform Either a Cold-Install or an Update
Verifying Guests after Installing Layered Products
Upgrade Troubleshooting Issues
Verifying the Installation of Integrity VM
Removing Integrity VM
Reserving VM Host Devices
Troubleshooting Installation Problems
Error Messages During Installation
3 Creating Virtual Machines
Legacy and Agile Device Names
Specifying Virtual Machine Characteristics
Virtual Machine Name
Guest Operating System Type
Virtual CPUs
Guest Memory Allocation
Automatic Cell Balancing
Virtual Devices
Creating Virtual Machine Labels
Specifying the Virtual Machine Boot Attribute
Specifying Dynamic Memory Parameters
Configuration Limits
Using the hpvmcreate Command
Example of Virtual Machine Creation
Starting Virtual Machines
Changing Virtual Machine Configurations
Cloning Virtual Machines
Stopping Virtual Machines
Removing Virtual Machines
Troubleshooting Virtual Machine Creation Problems
Configuration Error on Starting the Virtual Machine
4 Creating HP-UX Guests
Installing the HP-UX Guest Operating System
Installing HP-UX Guest Management Software
Troubleshooting HP-UX Guest Creation
The guest hangs in the EFI shell
5 Creating Windows Guests
Windows Guest Requirements
Installing Windows Guests
Installing from HP Reinstall (OPK) Media
Installing from Windows Media
Managing Windows Guests
Installing Integrity VM Windows Guest Management Software
Troubleshooting Windows Guest Installation
Remote desktop unable to connect
6 Creating Linux Guests
Installing Linux Guests
Preparing to Install Linux Guests
Using this Procedure
Linux Guest Installation Media
Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Guests from ISO Images
Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Guests from a Boot Disk and Network Server
Installing SUSE Linux Guests from ISO Images
Installing Integrity VM Linux Guest Management Software
Managing Linux Guests
7 Creating Virtual Storage Devices
Introduction to Integrity VM Storage
Integrity VM Storage Goals
Integrity VM Storage Architectures
Integrity VM Storage Implementations
Configuring Integrity VM Storage
Integrity VM Storage Considerations
Setting Up Virtual Storage
Using Integrity VM Storage
Integrity VM Storage Roles
Integrity VM Storage Use Cases
8 Creating Virtual Networks
Introduction to Virtual Network Configuration
Creating and Managing vswitches
Creating vswitches
Changing vswitches
Cloning vswitches
Deleting vswitches
Recreating vswitches
Starting vswitches
Halting vswitches
Managing vNICs
Removing vNICs
Configuring VLANs
Cloning Guests with VLAN Information
Displaying VLAN Information
Configuring VLANs on Physical Switches
Troubleshooting Network Problems
Redefining pNICs for HP-UX Guests
AVIO Supported Ethernet Cards
Troubleshooting VLAN Problems
9 Managing Guests
Monitoring Guests
Creating Guest Administrators and Operators
Installing the Guest Management Software
Using the Virtual Console
Guest Configuration Files
Dynamic Memory
Managing Dynamic Memory from the VM Host
Managing Dynamic Memory from the Guest
Troubleshooting Dynamic Memory Problems
Integrity VM Log Files
Managing the Device Database
The Device Database File
Using the hpvmdevmgmt Command
HP AVIO Stor EFI Driver Enumeration Policy
10 Migrating Virtual Machines
Introduction to Virtual Machine Migration
Migrating Guests from VM Host to VM Host
Using the hpvmmigrate Command
Example of the hpvmmigrate Command
Network and Storage Migration Considerations
Network Configuration Considerations
Storage Configuration Considerations
Security Considerations
Migrating Guests from Physical to Virtual Machines
Requirements for Migrating a Workload
Using the p2vassist Utility
Troubleshooting P2V Problems
11 Using HP Serviceguard with Integrity VM
Introduction to HP Serviceguard with Integrity VM
VMs as Serviceguard Nodes Configurations
Cluster in a Box
Application Failover from Virtual Machine to Virtual Machine
Application Failover from Virtual Machine to Physical Machine
Configuring VMs as Serviceguard Nodes
Serviceguard in VM Host Configuration
Creating Guests as Packages
Modifying the Package Configuration Files
Starting the Distributed Guest
Starting the vswitch Monitor
Verifying That Distributed Guests Can Fail Over
Managing Distributed Guests
Monitoring Network Connections
Upgrading from the Integrity VM A.01.20 Toolkit
Removing the Serviceguard for Integrity VM Toolkit
Guest Toolkit Removal
Repackaging Guests
Troubleshooting Serviceguard with Integrity VM
Troubleshooting VMs as Serviceguard Packages
Creating Distributed Guests
12 Reporting Problems with Integrity VM
Collecting Integrity VM Data
Using the hpvmcollect Command on the VM Host
Using the hpvmcollect Command on Guests
Managing the Size of the VMM Driver Log File
A Integrity VM Support Policy
Integrity VM Minimum Support Life
Integrity VM Upgrades
Integrity VM Patch Policy
VM Host OS and Server Support
HP-UX Guest Support
Windows and Linux Guest Support
HP Serviceguard Support
Storage Interface Support
Guest Attached Device Support
Multipathing Software Support — Virtual I/O Storage
Multipathing Software Support — Accelerated Virtual I/O (AVIO) Storage
EVA Series Firmware Requirement
Network Interface Support
Integrity VM Manpages
hpvm(5) - HP Integrity Virtual Machines (Integrity VM).
hpvmclone(1M) - Create a new virtual machine that is a copy of an existing virtual machine.
hpvmcollect(1M) - Collects crash dumps, logs, system status, and configuration on the VM Host and guests for post-mortem analysis.
hpvmconsole(1M) - Connect to the console of a virtual machine.
hpvmcreate(1M) - Create a new Integrity VM virtual machine.
hpvmdevmgmt(1M) - Manage the devices that are associated with the VM Host and the guests.
hpvmdevtranslate(1M) - Translate Integrity VM guest devices into HP-UX 11i v3 agile devices.
hpvmhostrdev(1M) - Manages virtual machine access to devices used by the Integrity VM Host system.
hpvminfo(1M) - Display information about the Integrity VM environment.
hpvmmigrate(1M) - Migrate a virtual machine to a different VM host.
hpvmmgmt(1M) - Manage dynamic data within the Integrity VM guest environment.
hpvmmodify(1M) - Rename a virtual machine or modify the attributes of a virtual machine.
hpvmnet(1M) - Create and control an Integrity Virtual Machines virtual network switch (vswitch).
hpvmpubapi(3) - Integrity VM public application interface descriptions.
hpvmremove(1M) - Remove an Integrity VM virtual machine.
hpvmresources(5) - Specifying virtual storage and virtual network devices.
hpvmsar(1M) - Display statistics about running virtual machines.
hpvmstart(1M) - Start a virtual machine.
hpvmstatus(1M) - Display status information about one or more virtual machines.
hpvmstop(1M) - Stop a virtual machine.
hpvmupgrade(1M) - Assist an Integrity VM upgrade.
p2vassist(1M) - Physical to virtual migration assistant.
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