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Table of Contents

identd(1M) - TCP/IP IDENT protocol server
idisk(1M) - create partitions for disks on an Integrity system
ifconfig(1M) - configure network interface parameters
inetd(1M) - Internet services daemon
inetsvcs_sec(1M) - enable/disable secure internet services
infocmp(1M) - compare or print out terminfo descriptions
init(1M) - process control initialization
insf(1M) - install special (device) files
install(1M) - install commands
intctl(1M) - manage the interrupt configuration of the system
io_redirect_dsf(1M) - redirect the persistent device special file from one device to a different device
iobind(1M) - bind a driver to a device
iofind(1M) - find and convert ASCII files containing the legacy representation of device (special file name or hardware path)
ioinit(1M) - test and maintain consistency between the kernel I/O data structures and the ioconfig files
ioscan(1M) - scan the I/O system
isisd(1M) - the Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) routing daemon
isl(1M) - initial system loader
itemap(1M) - load an ITE (Internal Terminal Emulator) keyboard mapping.
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