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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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itemap — load an ITE (Internal Terminal Emulator) keyboard mapping.


itemap [options]


The itemap command loads a keyboard mapping into the ITE (the graphics console driver), or displays ITE keyboard mappings. itemap is run by /etc/bcheckrc automatically. It is not usually explicitly invoked by the user.


-d name

-d keyboard_ID

Dump a keymap to standard output in hexadecimal notation.


Load the specified keymap into the kernel mapping table used for HP-HIL keyboards.


Interactively prompt for a PS2 DIN keyboard mapping. itemap scans the keymap database file for all mapping names beginning with a PS2_DIN prefix. Each of these names is displayed, and one must be selected.

-k database_file_name

The name of the keymap database file to be used for input. The default is /etc/X11/XHPKeymaps.


Load the appropriate keymap. itemap scans the hardware for a keyboard, determines the language of that keyboard, and loads the keymap corresponding to that keyboard.

Because itemap cannot determine the language of PS2 DIN keyboards, use the -i option when using -L with PS2 DIN keyboards.

-l name

-l keyboard_ID

Load a specified keyboard map. Once loaded, ITE uses the specified mapping.

When loading a keyboard mapping with the -l option, itemap matches the suffix of the name of the specified keyboard mapping with those found in /etc/X11/XHPKeymaps to determine the keyboard language. This information is used by the ITE to perform ISO 7-to-8 bit conversion. Keymap names added by users, via


should use the same suffixes as those already used in /etc/X11/XHPKeymaps. For example, a French keyboard mapping can be named New_French, for consistency with existing ITF_French and PS2_French mappings. A mapping called New_Stuff would not match any suffix patterns found by itemap, and would result in incorrect ISO 7-to-8 bit conversion.


Load the specified keymap into the kernel mapping table used for PS2 DIN keyboards.


Perform actions verbosely.

-w file_name

If a keymap for a PS2 DIN keyboard is loaded, write its name to file_name.


To automatically install the correct mapping for an HP-HIL keyboard:

itemap -L

To explicitly load the ITF_French mapping for an HP-HIL keyboard:

itemap -h -l ITF_French

To explicitly load the PS2_DIN_French mapping for a PS2 DIN keyboard:

itemap -p -l PS2_DIN_French

To interactively choose a PS2 DIN keyboard mapping:

itemap -Li

To generate a list of the available keyboard mappings:

/usr/contrib/bin/X11/keymap_ed -l



Keymap database editor


System keymap database


Contains mapping name configured for PS2 DIN keyboards


ps2(7), termio(7), keymap_ed(1X111).

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