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Table of Contents

edquota(1M) - edit disk quotas
efi_cp(1M) - copy to or from EFI file
efi_fsinit(1M) - write an EFI file system header on a device file
efi_ls(1M) - list EFI file information or contents of an EFI directory
efi_mkdir(1M) - make an EFI directory
efi_rm(1M) - remove an EFI file
efi_rmdir(1M) - remove an EFI directory
envd(1M) - system physical environment daemon
esmd(1M) - Essential Services Monitor (ESM) Daemon
evmchmgr(1M) - Event Manager channel manager
evmd(1M) - Event Manager daemon
evmlogger(1M) - Event Manager logger
evmreload(1M) - reload Event Manager configuration files
evmstart(1M) - start the Event Manager
evmstop(1M) - stop the Event Manager
exportfs(1M) - translates exportfs options to share/unshare commands
extendfs(1M) - extend a file system size (generic)
extendfs_hfs(1M) - extend HFS file system size
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