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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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evmd — Event Manager daemon




The Event Manager (EVM) daemon, evmd, receives events from posting clients and distributes them to subscribing clients that have indicated that they are interested in receiving the events. The daemon is a critical system facility that is started automatically when the system transitions to run level 2, and which should not be terminated. The daemon in turn starts the event logger, evmlogger, and the channel manager, evmchmgr.

On startup, the daemon reads its configuration file, /etc/evmdaemon.conf, the authorization file, /etc/evm.auth, and the event template files stored under the /usr/share/evm/templates directory. If these files are modified while the daemon is running, the evmreload -d command must be used or a SIGHUP signal must be sent to instruct the daemon to reconfigure itself.

The system administrator can control access to events by modifying the EVM authorization file, /etc/evm.auth.

As a daemon, evmd does not have a standard output. Any error messages are written to the file /var/evm/adm/logfiles/evmdaemon.log.

The EVM daemon is monitored by the Essential Services Monitor daemon, esmd, which automatically restarts evmd if it terminates unexpectedly. See esmd(1M) for more information.


The following exit values are returned:


Successful completion.

not 0

An error occurred.


The daemon rejects any attempt by a posting client to post an event that has one or more of the following problems:

  • The event is not registered.

  • The event contains invalid item values.

  • The posting client is not authorized to post such an event.



Default directory for event template files


Default location for event filter files. Filter files must have the suffix .evf.


Error log file for evmd


UNIX domain socket established for connection between the EVM daemon and the local clients


Daemon process id saved by evmd


Lock file established to prevent multiple invocations of the daemon


Default location of the EVM daemon configuration file


Default location of the EVM daemon authorization file

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