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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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evmchmgr — Event Manager channel manager


/usr/sbin/evmchmgr [-c config_file] [-l log_file]


The EVM channel manager is started automatically by the EVM daemon, and usually should not be run as a stand-alone program. It reads a set of channel definitions from the channel configuration file and executes the commands defined as the monitor and cleanup functions for any channel, at the configured intervals. A channel is not required to be configured with either of these periodic functions. However, the channel manager ignores any channels which do not have either of these functions.

By default, the channel manager reads its configuration from the /etc/evmchannel.conf file. To specify a different configuration file, use the evmchgmr -c config_file command. If the channel configuration file is changed while the channel manager is running, use the evmreload -c command to instruct the channel manager to reconfigure itself.

The channel manager reconfigures itself when evmreload -c is run, or upon receipt of a SIGHUP signal.


-c config_file

Sets the configuration file to config_file. The default configuration file is /etc/evmchannel.conf.

-l log_file

Sets message output to log_file. The default is stderr. When the channel manager starts, it renames any previous message file by appending .old to its name, and creates a new file.


The following exit values are returned:


Successful completion.

not 0

An error occurred.



Default channel configuration file


Default channel manager log file


Event Management


EVM Events


Event Filter


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