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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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exportfs — translates exportfs options to share/unshare commands


/usr/sbin/exportfs [-auv]

/usr/sbin/exportfs [-uv] [pathname]

/usr/sbin/exportfs -i [-o options] [-v] [pathname]


exportfs translates HP-UX exportfs options to the corresponding share/unshare options and invokes share/unshare with the translated options.

With no options or arguments, exportfs invokes share to print out the list of all currently shared NFS file systems.

Use share(1M) or unshare(1M) whenever possible.


exportfs recognizes the following options


Invokes shareall(1M). If -u is also specified, then it invokes unshareall.


Ignore options in /etc/dfs/dfstab.


Invokes unshare(1M) on pathname.



-o options

Specify a comma-separated list of optional characteristics for the file systems being exported. exportfs translates options to share-equivalent options. (See share(1M) for information about individual options).

Old terminology (export)

File system sharing used to be called exporting on HP-UX, and exportfs was used for exporting file systems. With the new share NFS model, the share command replaces exportfs(1M).


share(1M), shareall(1M), unshare(1M), unshareall(1M).

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