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Table of Contents

cachefspack(1M) - pack files and file systems in the cache
cachefsstat(1M) - Cache File System statistics
captoinfo(1M) - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description
catman(1M) - create cat and whatis files for online manpages
cfsadmin(1M) - administer disk space used for caching file systems with the Cache File-System (CacheFS)
ch_rc(1M) - change system configuration file
chargefee(1M) - shell procedures for accounting — see acctsh(1M)
check_patches(1M) - HP-UX 11i V3 patch check utility
chnlspath(1M) - configure message catalog path
chroot(1M) - change root directory for a command
ckpacct(1M) - shell procedures for accounting — see acctsh(1M)
cleanup(1M) - HP-UX patch cleanup utility
clear_locks(1M) - clear locks held on behalf of an NFS client
closewtmp(1M) - overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands — see acct(1M)
clri(1M) - clear inode
clri_hfs(1M) - clear inode — see clri(1M)
clrsvc(1M) - clear x25 switched virtual circuit
cmdprivadm(1M) - noninteractive editing of a command's authorization and privilege information in the privrun database
cmpt_tune(1M) - query, enable, or disable compartmentalization feature
convert_awk(1M) - converts old sendmail.cf files to new format
convertfs(1M) - convert an HFS file system to allow long file names
convertfs_hfs(1M) - convert an HFS file system to allow long file names — see convertfs(1M)
coreadm(1M) - core file administration
cplxmodify(1M) - modify an attribute of a system complex
cpset(1M) - install object files in binary directories
crashconf(1M) - configure system crash dumps
crashutil(1M) - manipulate crash dump data
create_sysfile(1M) - create a kernel system file
cron(1M) - timed-job execution daemon
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