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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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check_patches — HP-UX 11i V3 patch check utility


check_patches [-imopsv]


The check_patches utility checks for installation problems and issues related to patches on HP-UX 11i V3. The utility checks for patches missing the SD-UX patch attributes, missing patch filesets, patch object modules missing from archive libraries, patch filesets with the incorrect patch_state , patch filesets not in the configured state, and patch filesets that fail swverify (see swverify(1M)).

The check_patches utility logs all information to /tmp/check_patches.report.


If no options are specified, check_patches performs all checks. The check_patches utility recognizes the following options:


Check for invalid patches (patches missing the SD-UX patch attributes)


Check for missing patch filesets in the currently active patches. This will determine if a product fileset was installed, or reinstalled, after a currently active patch.


Verify the checksum values of the object modules delivered by the currently active patches


Check all patch filesets for correct SD-UX patch_state (applied, committed, committed/superseded, superseded)


Check the SD-UX state to identify all unconfigured patch filesets


Run the swverify command on all patch filesets


Upon completion, check_patches returns one of the following values:


No problems were found.


One or more patch-related problems were logged.


Syntax or usage error.


check_patches was developed by HP.

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