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About This Guide

About This Guide

This section describes the contents, audience, organization, and conventions of the CiscoWorks Blue SNA View Workstation Installation and User Guide. It also points to related publications and sources of information.

Document Objectives

This guide is intended to describe the following tasks:

For additional information on using the CiscoWorks Blue SNA View features, see the CiscoWorks Blue Maps online help system and the Release Notes for CiscoWorks Blue SNA View Software Release 1.2.


This guide is for the network administrator or operator who installs, configures, verifies, and uses CiscoWorks Blue software. The reader should be familiar with the following topics:

Document Organization

This guide is divided into the following chapters:

The Sybase database tables related to CiscoWorks Blue SNA View are documented in the CiscoWorks Blue Maps Installation and User Guide. These tables describe the structure of CiscoWorks Blue Maps and CiscoWorks Blue SNA View database tables.

Document Conventions

This guide uses basic conventions to represent text and table information.

Command descriptions use these conventions:

Examples use these conventions:

This publication also uses the following conventions:

Note Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions or references to materials not contained in the manual..
Caution Means reader be careful. You are capable of doing something that might result in equipment damage or loss of data.

Related Documentation

This section provides information about related publications. In addition to this document, the CiscoWorks Blue SNA View documentation set includes the following books:

For information about CiscoWorks, see the following book:

The following Cisco publication describes how to use the SNA correlation, provided by SNA View, when used with CiscoWorks Blue Maps:

For information about issuing VTAM commands, see the following book:

For information about IBM SNA Server, see the IBM SNA Server documentation.

For information about Hewlett-Packard SNAplus2, see the SNAplus2 Administration Guide and SNAplus2 Installation Guide.

For information about your network management system, see the documentation provided by the vendor.

Online Help

CiscoWorks Blue SNA View online help system provides overviews, related information, procedures, and glossary data on the CiscoWorks Blue SNA View application and its features. It contains both keyword and full-text search capabilities to enable users to search for specific text within the online help system.

Cisco Connection Online

Cisco Connection Online (CCO) is Cisco Systems' primary, real-time support channel. Maintenance customers and partners can self-register on CCO to obtain additional information and services.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CCO provides a wealth of standard and value-added services to Cisco's customers and business partners. CCO services include product information, product documentation, software updates, release notes, technical tips, the Bug Navigator, configuration notes, brochures, descriptions of service offerings, and download access to public and authorized files.

CCO serves a wide variety of users through two interfaces that are updated and enhanced simultaneously: a character-based version and a multimedia version that resides on the World Wide Web (WWW). The character-based CCO supports Zmodem, Kermit, Xmodem, FTP, and Internet e-mail, and it is excellent for quick access to information over lower bandwidths. The WWW version of CCO provides richly formatted documents with photographs, figures, graphics, and video, as well as hyperlinks to related information.

You can access CCO in the following ways:

For a copy of CCO's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), contact For additional information, contact

Note If you are a network administrator and need personal technical assistance with a Cisco product that is under warranty or covered by a maintenance contract, contact Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 800 553-2447, 408 526-7209, or To obtain general information about Cisco Systems, Cisco products, or upgrades, contact 800 553-6387, 408 526-7208, or

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