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Index: K

-k file test operator: 4.5.8. File Test Operators (Perl in a Nutshell)
K method: 15.2.2. The Event Structure (Mastering Perl/Tk)
-k (sticky) file test: 3.10. Named Unary and File Test Operators (Programming Perl)
autoreaping zombies on: 16.1.2. Reaping Zombies (Programming Perl)
generating signals: 16.1. Signals (Programming Perl)
signal reliability on: 16.1.2. Reaping Zombies (Programming Perl)
threads and: 17.2. The Thread Model (Programming Perl)
Unix, set-id script bug in: 23.2.1. Unix Kernel Security Bugs (Programming Perl)
<key> element: 8.2. XPath (Perl & XML)
Key event: Event descriptor types (Mastering Perl/Tk) Event descriptor types (Mastering Perl/Tk)
key mapping, pseudohashes: 12.7.1. Field Declarations with use fields (Programming Perl)
key-value pairs: 5.1. What Is a Hash? (Learning Perl)
keyboard focus (see -takefocus option also -takefocus option)
(see also -takefocus option)
active elements and: 7.2. Listbox Options (Mastering Perl/Tk)
focusmodel method and: 11.3. Options (Mastering Perl/Tk)
insert cursor and: 5.1.2. Label Options (Mastering Perl/Tk)
methods relating to: 13.16. Focus Methods (Mastering Perl/Tk)
options for: 4.18. Focus Options (Mastering Perl/Tk)
setting: 9.17. Setting Keyboard Focus (Mastering Perl/Tk)
keyboard input: 15.6.1. Problem (Perl Cookbook)
15.11.1. Problem (Perl Cookbook)
(see also input)
checking for: 15.9.1. Problem (Perl Cookbook)
keyboard mapping: 4.14. Adding a Keyboard Mapping (Mastering Perl/Tk)
keyboard sequences, generating signals with: 16.1. Signals (Programming Perl)
KeyPress event
Busy method and: 13.18. Marking a Widget Busy and Unbusy (Mastering Perl/Tk)
description of: Event descriptor types (Mastering Perl/Tk)
KeyRelease event
Busy method and: 13.18. Marking a Widget Busy and Unbusy (Mastering Perl/Tk)
keys( ): 5. Function Reference (Perl in a Nutshell)
5.4.2. Solution (Perl Cookbook)
5.6.1. Problem (Perl Cookbook)
5.9.2. Solution (Perl Cookbook)
5.11.1. Problem (Perl Cookbook)
5.3.1. The keys and values Functions (Learning Perl)
1.8. List Processing (Programming Perl)
2.9. Hashes (Programming Perl)
14.3.1. Hash-Tying Methods (Programming Perl)
29.2.79. keys (Programming Perl)
Tie::IxHash module and: 5.6.3. Discussion (Perl Cookbook)
hash (see hashes)
braces {thinsp&;}, enclosing in: Hashes. (Programming Perl)
providing references as: 32.1.14. Convenient Classes (Programming Perl)
keys(thinsp;&): Hashes. (Programming Perl)
keysym field: Event descriptor types (Mastering Perl/Tk)
15.2.2. The Event Structure (Mastering Perl/Tk)
key/value pairs (see hashes, key/value pairs)
Glossary (Programming Perl)
key/value pairs, hashes: 2.3. Built-in Data Types (Programming Perl)
2.9. Hashes (Programming Perl)
deleting: 14.3. Tying Hashes (Programming Perl)
modules, %INC hash: 11.1. Using Modules (Programming Perl)
organizing and accessing data in: 9.1.5. Common Mistakes (Programming Perl)
returning with each function: 29.2.30. each (Programming Perl)
symbol tables: 10.1. Symbol Tables (Programming Perl)
keywords (see reserved words)
keywords( ) (CGI.pm): 10.7. CGI.pm Reference (Perl in a Nutshell)
kill( ): 5. Function Reference (Perl in a Nutshell)
16.1. Signals (Programming Perl)
16.1. Signals (Programming Perl)
29.2.80. kill (Programming Perl)
listing available signals: 16.13.1. Problem (Perl Cookbook)
Microsoft systems and: 16.1.1. Signaling Process Groups (Programming Perl)
sending signals: 16.14.1. Problem (Perl Cookbook)
Kill( ) (Win32::Process): 22.14.1. Win32::Process Methods (Perl in a Nutshell)
killfam command: 15.4.2. Tk::ExecuteCommand (Mastering Perl/Tk)
killtags program (example): 6.6.3. Discussion (Perl Cookbook)
Koba, Masayuki: 17.10. tkneko—Animating the Neko on a Canvas (Mastering Perl/Tk)
Koenig, Andreas: 2.1. The CPAN Architecture (Perl in a Nutshell)
Kolinko, Paul: 14.2. SOAP::Lite (Perl in a Nutshell)

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