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Index: P

Packet Capture Library (libpcap): 13.5.3. Capture filters
packets: 1.3.1. Datagrams and packets
1.3.1. Datagrams and packets
data link layer (7-layer model): 1.2.1. Frames and network interfaces
envelopes: 1.2.1. Frames and network interfaces
snoop and: 13.5.1. snoop
see also datagrams: 1.3.1. Datagrams and packets
.pag files: 3.3.5. Map files
makedbm utility: 3.3.6. Map naming
page cache: 16.5.3. Memory usage
page mapping system, buffer cache: 7.3.2. Client I/O system
boot parameters
confusion, case study: 15.3. Boot parameter confusion
diskless clients: 8.3.4. Managing boot parameters
clnt_idle_timeout: C. Tunable Parameters
clnt_max_conns: C. Tunable Parameters
retrans: 18.1.2. Timeout period calculation
timeo mount: 18.1.2. Timeout period calculation
nfs_max_threads: C. Tunable Parameters
nfs3_max_transfer_size: C. Tunable Parameters
nfs_nra: C. Tunable Parameters
nfs_shrinkreaddir: C. Tunable Parameters
nfs_write_error_to_cons_only: C. Tunable Parameters
rsize: C. Tunable Parameters
-t timeout: C. Tunable Parameters
tunable: C. Tunable Parameters
wsize: C. Tunable Parameters
partitioned networks
hardware: 17.2. Network partitioning hardware
and NIS: 17.4.1. NIS in a partitioned network
diskless clients and: 8.1. NFS support for diskless clients
diskless nodes and: 17.4.2. Effects on diskless nodes
low-bandwidth networks: 17.3. Network infrastructure
NIS and: 17.4.1. NIS in a partitioned network
NLM and: Network partition
passwd file, domains and: 4.4. Managing multiple domains
passwd map, root entry: 3.2.2. Installing the NIS master server
passwd.byname map: 3.3. Files managed under NIS
3.3.6. Map naming
passwd.byuid map: 3.3.6. Map naming
password files
maps, generating: 3.3.6. Map naming
netgroups map and: 3.3.2. Netgroups
nicknames: 3.3.7. Map structure
updates: 4.2.4. Password file updates
password hashes, system accounts: 3.2.2. Installing the NIS master server
local files: 3.3.1. Working with the maps
NIS security and: 12.3. Password and NIS security
root password: 12.3.1. Managing the root password with NIS
PROM: 12.3.2. Making NIS more secure
protecting: 12.3. Password and NIS security
unknown entries: 12.3.3. Unknown password entries
user updates: 4.2.4. Password file updates
patchadd utility: 8.7.1. Dataless clients
PathName field, NFS log record: 14.6. NFS server logging
pathnames, NFS: 7.2.5. Pathnames and filehandles
configuration: 10.3. Configuring PC/NFS
current use: 10.1. PC/NFS today
file permissions: 10.4.2. Checking file permissions
implementation features: 10.1. PC/NFS today
limitations of: 10.2. Limitations of PC/NFS
mounting filesystems: 10.4.1. Mounting filesystems
overview: 10. PC/NFS Clients
printing: 10.5. Printer services
reasons to use: 10.2.2. Why PC/NFS?
Samba and: 10.2.1. NFS versus SMB (CIFS)
usage issues: 10.4. Common PC/NFS usage issues
Windows Network Neighborhood integration: 10.4.1. Mounting filesystems
pcnfsd: 10.5. Printer services
benchmarking: 16.3. Benchmarking
I/O threads, asynchronous: 7.2. NFS protocol and implementation
NFS, bottlenecks: 16.4. Identifying NFS performance bottlenecks
security and: Security and performance
server compensation, slow: 18.1. Slow server compensation
performance measuring: 16.2. Measuring performance
performance tuning: 13. Network Diagnostic and Administrative Tools
bottlenecks: 17. Network Performance Analysis
client-side: 18. Client-Side Performance Tuning
measuring efforts: 16.2. Measuring performance
server-side: 16. Server-Side Performance Tuning
servers: 16.5. Server tuning
buffers: 16.5.3. Memory usage
CPU loading: 16.5.1. CPU loading
cross-mounting filesystem: 16.5.6. Cross-mounting filesystems
kernel configuration: 16.5.5. Kernel configuration
memory usage: 16.5.3. Memory usage
multihomed: 16.5.7. Multihomed servers
nfsd threads: 16.5.2. NFS server threads
throughput: 16.5.4. Disk and filesystem throughput
permanent entries, ARP table: 13.2.3. IP to MAC address mappings
permission checking, user information: 0. Preface
Permission Denied error message: 15.6. Asynchronous NFS error messages
mount points, incorrect (debugging case study): 15.5. Incorrect mount point permissions
PC/NFS: 10.4.2. Checking file permissions
revoking: 12.1.2. Enabling transparent access
physical devices, index numbers (ifconfig): Examining interfaces
physical link layer (7-layer model): 1.2. Physical and data link layers
physical network interface, netstat and: 17.1.1. Local network interface
physical network segments, IP network numbers: 1.3.5. Virtual interfaces
connectivity and: 13.2.4. Using ping to check network connectivity
testing network: 15. Debugging Network Problems
platform architecture: 8.2. Setting up a diskless client
POINTTOPOINT flag, ifconfig: Examining interfaces
policies, setting for different systems: 3.1. Masters, slaves, and clients
pools, IPv6 addresses: IP Version 6 address pools
port monitoring, security and: 12.4.6. Port monitoring
port number: 1.4.2. Port numbers
portmap: 1.5.3. Internet and RPC server configuration
RPC services and: RPC portmapper — rpcbind
versions: RPC version numbers
portmapper daemon: 1.5.3. Internet and RPC server configuration
prefixes, Ethernet interface: 13.2.3. IP to MAC address mappings
presentation layer (7-layer model): 1.5. The session and presentation layers
Prestoserve: Disk array caching and Prestoserve
PrincipleName field, NFS log record: 14.6. NFS server logging
printing, PC/NFS: 10.5. Printer services
private keys
keyserv daemon: Establishing a session key
NFS security: Public and private keys
procedure calls, NIS protocol: 3.3.9. The ypserv daemon
procedures, RPC (NFS): 7.2.1. NFS RPC procedures
see also RPC: 7.2.1. NFS RPC procedures
processor architecture: 8.2. Setting up a diskless client
program numbers, RPC services: Identifying RPC services
PROM password: 12.3.2. Making NIS more secure
properties, replicas: 6.5.1. Properties of replicas
protocol layer (7-layer model), broadcasts: 1.2.2. Ethernet addresses
protocol stack: 1.1. Networking overview
see also network stack: 1.1. Networking overview
ARP: 1.3.2. IP host addresses
filtering: 17.5. Protocol filtering
IP: 1.3. Network layer
mounts: 6.1. Setting up NFS
networking and: 1.1. Networking overview
NFS, statelessness, design and: 7.2.2. Statelessness and crash recovery
procedure calls: 3.3.9. The ypserv daemon
stateful: 1.4.1. TCP and UDP
XDR: 1.5.2. External data representation
PRUNE_TIMEOUT parameter, nfslogd daemon: 14.6.8. Other configuration parameters
public key exchange: Public key exchange
public keys, NFS security: Public and private keys
publickey map, database sources and: 3.2.2. Installing the NIS master server
published mapping: 13.2.3. IP to MAC address mappings
PWDR: 4.2.4. Password file updates

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