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Index: O

object binding: 3.2.5 Naming
Object class: Comparing beans for identity
object ID (OID): Primary key
Object Management Group (OMG)
defining server-side component model: 1.6.2 EJB and CORBA CTMs
Object Transaction Service (OTS): 8.5 Explicit Transaction Management
services in CORBA-compliant ORBs: 3.2 Primary Services
object-oriented databases: Object database persistence
container-managed persistence and: 6.1 Container-Managed Persistence
Object Request Brokers (see ORBs)
object serialization
beans instance activation and: 7.4.3 Passivated State
container-managed fields: 6.1 Container-Managed Persistence
deployment descriptors, EJB 1.0: EJB 1.0: Deployment descriptors
EJB 1.1 deployment descriptors, dropping in: EJB 1.1: Deployment descriptors
EJBMetaData: Bean metadata
entity beans and: 3.1.2 The Activation Mechanism
EntityDescriptor class (example): 4.2.6 EJB 1.0: The Deployment Descriptor
handles: The bean handle ProcessPayment: The remote interface
JDBC type VARBINARY: Mapping serializable to VARBINARY
passing by reference: 5.2.2 EJB 1.1 and 1.0: The Java RMI Programming Model
persistence and: Object database persistence
primary key: 4.2.3 CabinPK: The Primary Key Primary key
SessionDescriptor: 4.3.5 EJB 1.0: The TravelAgent Beans' Deployment Descriptor
stateful beans, preserving state with: 3.1.2 The Activation Mechanism
object servers: 1.3 Distributed Object Architectures
remote references to: 1.3.1 Rolling Your Own Distributed Object
object-to-relational persistence: Object-to-relational persistence
direct database access: Direct access with object-to-relational mapping tools
mapping wizard: Object-to-relational persistence
object transaction monitor (see CTMs)
Object Transaction Service (OTS): 8.5 Explicit Transaction Management
Object type, facilitating undefined primary key: EJB 1.1: Undefined primary keys
ObjectNotFoundException: The find methods The find methods
6.2.10 ejbFind( ) Methods Application exceptions
EJB API: A.1.15 ObjectNotFoundException
OMG (see Object Management Group)
online book order transactions: 8.1 ACID Transactions
open connections: Transitioning to the Method-Ready Pool
JNDI context: TravelAgentBean: The bean class
open standards, CTM development and: 1.6.1 MTS
ORBs (Object Request Brokers): 1.1.3 Component Transaction Monitors
1.3.1 Rolling Your Own Distributed Object
1.5.2 Object Request Brokers
1.5.2 Object Request Brokers
(see also CTMs)
server-side component model: 1.5.3 CTMs: The Hybrid of ORBs and TP Monitors
services, defining for: 3.2 Primary Services
OTMs (see CTMs)
OTS (Object Transaction Service): 8.5 Explicit Transaction Management
overloaded methods
named declarations, applying to all: Named method declarations
parameters for resolving: 10.6.3 Identifying Specific Methods

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