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Index: L

large-icon element: 10.4 The Descriptor's Body
session or entity element: 10.5.1 Session and Entity Beans
latency (network traffic): 9.3.1 Network Traffic and Latency
layers in distributed object systems: 1.1.1 Distributed Objects
legacy persistence: Legacy persistence
life cycle
bean instance: Overview of state transitions
entity beans: The entity bean life cycle
6.3 The Life Cycle of an Entity Bean
ending: 6.3.5 End of the Life Cycle
state diagram for: B.1 Entity Beans
methods, defining in home interface: The home interface
stateful session beans: 7.4 The Life Cycle of a Stateful Session Bean
7.4.3 Passivated State
diagrams of: B.2.2 Stateful Session Beans
Method-Ready state: Transitioning to the Method-Ready state Transitioning out of the Method-Ready state
Passivated state: 7.4.3 Passivated State
stateless session beans: 7.2 The Life Cycle of a Stateless Session Bean
diagram of: B.2.1 Stateless Session Beans
Does Not Exist state to Method-Ready Pool transition: Transitioning to the Method-Ready Pool
Method-Ready Pool: Life in the Method-Ready Pool
transition from Method-Ready Pool to Does Not Exist state: Transitioning out of the Method-Ready Pool: The death of a stateless bean instance
LIFO (last in, first out) strategy: Instance swapping
listing behavior
entity beans vs.: listAvailableCabins( ): Listing behavior
9.3.2 Resource Consumption
strings (arrays of): listAvailableCabins( ): Listing behavior
locating beans with JNDI: 5.1 Locating Beans with JNDI
location transparency: 1.3.1 Rolling Your Own Distributed Object
3.2.4 Distributed Objects
J2EE Application client components: 11.4.1 J2EE Application Client Components
locks (databases): 8.3.2 Database Locks
isolation levels and: 8.3.3 Transaction Isolation Levels
lookup( ) (Context): EJB 1.1: Explicit narrowing using PortableRemoteObject
lookup APIs: 3.2.5 Naming
occurrence of: Reentrance
prohibiting in EJB: Reentrance
reentrant element and: 10.5.1 Session and Entity Beans
reentrant element, setting: 4.2.5 EJB 1.1: The Deployment Descriptor

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