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Table of Contents

naaagt(1M) - Native Agent Adapter (NAA)
named(1M) - Internet domain name server
ncheck(1M) - generate a list of path names from inode numbers
ncheck_hfs(1M) - generate a list of path names from inode numbers for a HFS file system
ncweb(1M) - launch the Network Interfaces Configuration and Network Services Configuration tools of HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH)
ndd(1M) - network tuning
ndp(1M) - IPv6 Neighbor Discovery cache display and control
netfmt(1M) - format tracing and logging binary files
nettl(1M) - control network tracing and logging
nettladm(1M) - network tracing and logging administration manager
nettlconf(1M) - configure network tracing and logging command subsystem database
newaliases(1M) - rebuilds the database for the mail aliases file
newfs(1M) - construct a new file system
newfs_hfs(1M) - construct a new HFS file system
newkey(1M) - create a new Diffie-Hellman key pair in the publickey database
nfs4cbd(1M) - NFS Version 4 callback daemon
nfsd(1M) - NFS daemon
nfslogd(1M) - nfs logging daemon
nfsmapid(1M) - NFS user and group id mapping daemon
nfsstat(1M) - NFS statistics
ntpdate(1M) - set the date and time via NTP
ntpq(1M) - standard Network Time Protocol query program
nulladm(1M) - shell procedures for accounting — see acctsh(1M)
nwmgr(1M) - network interface management command for LAN and RDMA interfaces
nwmgr_btlan(1M) - network interface management command for btlan driver
nwmgr_intl100(1M) - network interface management command for intl100 driver
nwmgr_vlan(1M) - network interface management command for VLAN interface
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