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Table of Contents

makedbm(1M) - make a Network Information System database
makemap(1M) - creates database maps for sendmail
map-mbone(1M) - Multicast Router Connection Mapper
mc(1M) - media changer manipulation utility
mk_kernel(1M) - load a kernel configuration from a system file
mkboot(1M) - install, update or remove boot programs from disk
mkfs(1M) - construct a file system (generic)
mkfs_hfs(1M) - construct an HFS file system
mklost+found(1M) - make a lost+found directory for the fsck command
mknod(1M) - create special files
mksf(1M) - make a special (device) file
modprpw(1M) - modify protected password database
monacct(1M) - shell procedures for accounting — see acctsh(1M)
mount(1M) - mount and unmount file systems
mount_cachefs(1M) - mount and unmount CacheFS file systems
mount_cdfs(1M) - mount and unmount CDFS file systems
mount_hfs(1M) - mount and unmount HFS file systems
mount_lofs(1M) - mount and unmount LOFS file systems
mount_nfs(1M) - mount and unmount remote NFS resources
mountall(1M) - mount and unmount multiple file systems
mountd(1M) - server for NFS mount requests and NFS access checks
mrinfo(1M) - Multicast Routing Configuration Information Tool
mrouted(1M) - IP multicast routing daemon
mtail(1M) - tails the mail log file
mvdir(1M) - move a directory
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