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Table of Contents

named-checkconf(1) - named configuration file syntax checking tool
named-checkzone(1) - zone validity checking tool
neqn(1) - format mathematical text for nroff
netstat(1) - show network status
newalias(1) - install new elm aliases for user or system
newform(1) - change or reformat a text file
newgrp(1) - switch to a new group
newmail(1) - notify users of new mail in mailboxes
news(1) - print news items
nice(1) - run a command at nondefault priority
nl(1) - line numbering filter
nljust(1) - justify lines, left or right, for printing
nm(1) - print name list of common object file
nohup(1) - run a command immune to hangups
nroff(1) - format text
nslookup(1) - query name servers interactively
nsquery(1) - query the Name Service Switch backend libraries
nsupdate(1) - Dynamic DNS update utility
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