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BIND 9.3
HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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named-checkzone — zone validity checking tool


/usr/sbin/named-checkzone [-Ddjqv] [-c class] [-k mode] [-n mode] [-o outfile] [-t directory] [-w directory] zonename [filename]


named-checkzone is a tool for performing integrity checks on the zone contents. It uses the same integrity checks as the named daemon when loading a zone. This makes named-checkzone useful for checking zone files before configuring them into a name server. Zones and zone files are described in named.conf(4).


-c class

Specify the class of the zone.


Dump the zone file in canonical format.


Enable debugging.


Read the journal (if it exists) when loading the zone file.

-k mode

Perform check-names checks with the specified failure mode. Possible modes are fail, warn (default), and ignore. The check-names option is described in named.conf(4).

-n mode

Specify whether NS records should be checked to see if they are addresses. Possible modes are fail, warn (default), and ignore.

-o outfile

Write zone output to outfile .


Enable quiet mode for exit code only.


Print the version of named-checkzone and exit.

-w directory

Change to directory (see chdir(2)) so that relative file names in master file $INCLUDE directives work This is similar to the directory clause in named.conf.



The file to use for checking the zone contents. The default is the file with the zone name. For the default to work, the file name for the zone in the zone statement of the named.conf file must be identical to the zone name.


The zone whose contents are to be checked.


named-checkzone sets the exit status to:




Errors were detected.


To perform integrity checks on zone text.domain in the zone file db.domain, and display debug information:

$ named-checkzone -d text.domain db.domain


named-checkzone was developed by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC).


named(1M), chdir(2), named.conf(4).

Requests for Comments (RFC): 1035, available online at http://www.rfc-editor.org/.

HP-UX IP Address and Client Management Administrator's Guide, available online at http://docs.hp.com.

BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual, available from the Internet Systems Consortium at http://www.isc.org/sw/bind/arm93.

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