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Table of Contents

factor(1) - factor a number, generate large primes
false(1) - return exit status zero or one respectively — see true(1)
fastbind(1) - Prepare an incomplete executable for faster program start-up
fastmail(1) - quick batch mail interface
fc(1) - standard and restricted POSIX.2-conformant command shells — see sh-posix(1)
fg(1) - standard and restricted POSIX.2-conformant command shells — see sh-posix(1)
fgrep(1) - search a file for a pattern — see grep(1)
file(1) - determine file type
find(1) - find files
findmsg(1) - create message catalog file for modification
findstr(1) - find strings for inclusion in message catalogs
finger(1) - user information lookup program
fmt(1) - format text
fold(1) - fold long lines for finite width output device
fontdl(1) - filters invoked by lp interface scripts — see lpfilter(1)
footprints(1) - summarize information from compiler footprint records
forder(1) - convert file data order
from(1) - who is my mail from?
fruled(1) - flash/turn off attention LEDs (cell, cabinet and I/O chassis attention LEDs)
ftio(1) - faster tape I/O
ftp(1) - file transfer program
ftpcount(1) - show current number of users for each class
ftprestart(1) - remove the shutdown message file created by ftpshut utility.
ftpshut(1) - create shutdown message file to shut down the ftp servers at a given time
ftpwho(1) - show current process information for each ftp user.
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