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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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fastmail — quick batch mail interface


fastmail [-b bcc-list] [-c cc-list] [-C comments] [-f from-name] [-F from-addr] [-i in-reply-to] [-r reply-to] [-R references] [-s subject] filename address-list


The fastmail command is a simple interface to the mail system that allows you to send a message without the overhead of an interactive mailer. It is particularly efficient in batch-processing mail to very large groups of people.

All addresses should be full e-mail addresses, sendmail aliases in the /etc/mail/aliases file, or local login names.


fastmail recognizes the following options:

-b bcc-list

Include a Bcc: header entry. Send blind carbon copies to the comma-separated list of addresses in bcc-list.

-c cc-list

Include a Cc: header entry. Send carbon copies to the comma-separated list of addresses in cc-list.

-C comments

Include a Comments: header entry with the string value comments.


Debug. Display information on processing steps.

-f from-name

Replace the user name in the From: header entry with from-name.

If the user is x@y, and the user name is MrX, then the default From: line is:

From: x@y (MrX) .

The option -f Joe changes it to:

From: x@y (Joe)

-F from-addr

Replace the address in the From: header entry with from-addr. In the -f example above, -F a@b changes the original entry to

From: a@b (MrX)

-i in-reply-to

Include the In-Reply-To: header entry with the string value in-reply-to. This is usually used to identify a message that you are replying to.

-r replyto

Include the Reply-To: header entry with the single address given in replyto. This is the address where replies will usually be sent, instead of to the address given in the From: header entry, very common with mailing lists.

-R references

Include a References: header entry containing the string value references.

-s subject

Include a Subject: header entry containing the value subject. If this option is omitted, the message is sent without a subject entry.


fastmail recognizes the following operands:


A list of one or more blank-separated addresses for the To: header line. These are the principal recipients of the message.


Either the name of a file containing the message, or a dash (-) to read from standard input.


A Fully Specified Command

This command has every option specified.

fastmail \ -b "bcc1,bcc2,bcc3,bcc4" \ -C "Just a Comment" \ -c "cc1,cc2,cc3,cc4" \ -d \ -F me@anotherhost.com \ -f My Name \ -i "Your recent message" \ -R REF:13579 \ -r oscar \ -s "Testing fastmail" \ message-file \ addr1 addr2 addr3 addr4

The online execution displays the following debug messages:

Mailing to addr1,addr2,addr3,addr4 cc1,cc2,cc3,cc4 bcc1,bcc2,bcc 3,bcc4 [via sendmail] cat /tmp/fastmail.5578 message-file | /usr/sbin/sendmail addr1,a ddr2,addr3,addr4 cc1,cc2,cc3,cc4 bcc1,bcc2,bcc3,bcc4

The received message has the following relevant header entries:

From realsender@mycomputer.myhost.com Tue Oct 22 21:14:04 EDT 1996 Subject: Testing fastmail From: me@anotherhost.com (My Name) Reply-To: oscar@mycomputer.myhost.com To: addr1@mycomputer.myhost.com, addr2@mycomputer.myhost.com, addr3@mycomputer.myhost.com, addr4@mycomputer.myhost.com Cc: cc1@mycomputer.myhost.com, cc2@mycomputer.myhost.com, cc3@mycomputer.myhost.com, cc4@mycomputer.myhost.com References: REF:13579 In-Reply-To: Your recent message Comments: Just a Comment

The Bcc: header entry is not transmitted.

A Batch Process

Suppose you are user big on machine big-machine and you have a shell script named batch-mail that contains the following lines:

# # Batch Mail - batch mailing of a file to a LOT of users # # Usage: batch-mail "<from>" "<subject>" <filename> sender_copy=$LOGIN replyto=The-Mr-Big-list fastmail -b $sender_copy -r $replyto -f "$1" -s "$2" $3 person1 sleep 10 fastmail -r $replyto -f "$1" -s "$2" $3 person2 sleep 10 fastmail -r $replyto -f "$1" -s "$2" $3 person3 sleep 10 fastmail -r $replyto -f "$1" -s "$2" $3 person4

The command:

batch-mail "Mr. Big" "Warning to all" warning.text

would mail a copy of the warning.text file to person1, person2, person3, and person4, staggered ten seconds apart.

$LOGIN would also silently receive a copy of the first message in the mail. Each resultant message would include the header lines:

From: big@big-machine (Mr. Big) Subject: Warning to all Reply-To: The-Mr-Big-list



sendmail aliases file.


Mail transport agent.


Temporary file.


fastmail was developed by HP.


elm(1), sendmail(1M).

RFC 822

"Standard for the Format of Internet Text Messages"

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