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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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finger — user information lookup program


finger [options] user_name ...


By default, finger lists for each user_name on the system:

  • Login name,

  • Full given name,

  • Terminal write status (if write permission is denied),

  • Idle time,

  • Login time,

  • User's home directory and login shell,

  • Any plan the user has placed in file .plan in their home directory,

  • Project on which they are working from the file .project, also in the home directory,

  • office location and phone number (if known),

  • last time the user received the mail, and last time the user read the mail.

Idle time is in minutes if listed as a single integer, hours and minutes if a : is present, or days and hours if a d is present. Account names as well as first and last names of users are accepted.

finger can also be used to list users on a remote machine. The format for user_name is user_name@host. If user_name is not specified, the remote system (HP-UX or non-HP-UX) uses its default standard format for listing user information.


finger recognizes the following options:


Suppress printing the user's home directory and shell.


Suppress printing the header that is normally printed in a short-format printout.


Suppress printing the .project file in a long-format printout.


Force ``idle'' output format. Similar to short format except that only the login name, terminal, login time, and idle time are printed.


Force long output format.


Match arguments only on user name.


Suppress printing of the .plan files


Force quick output format. Similar to short format except that only the login name, terminal, and login time are printed.


Print the user's host name.


Force short output format.


Suppress printing the full name in a short-format printout.


Only the first line of the .project file is printed.


finger was developed by the University of California, Berkeley.



who file


last login file


for users names, offices, ...






mail directory

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